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Horses may wear certain kinds of armour. Since horses have different bodies from humans, they use different layers and their body parts have different to hit % chances.


Armour Weight Material Sharp vurdere Pierce vurdere Blunt vurdere To hit (%) Coverage
Iron crinet 6 6/9 iron good good good unknown hair neck
Iron crupper 13 3/9 iron good good good unknown back
Iron flanchards 4 4/9 iron good good good unknown abdomen
Iron horseshoes 1 7/9 iron poor poor poor unknown feet hands
Iron peytral 8 8/9 iron good good good unknown chest
Iron shaffron 6 6/9 iron good good good unknown face


Iron horseshoes are purchased from the Ridings Bit Shop in north Ankh-Morpork.

The other armours are obtained from the horses that accompany knights on the roads of the Sto Plains.


With the exception of iron horseshoes, horse armor comes in various styles. Styles include:

  • articulated
  • damascene
  • darkened
  • filigreed
  • gilded
  • gleaming
  • gothic
  • horned
  • inlaid
  • lightweight
  • old-fashioned
  • ornate
  • reinforced
  • riveted
  • spiked
  • streamlined
  • tempered
  • winged