Holy water-soaked whip

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Holy water-soaked whip
Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material leather
Weight 2 2/9
Thaums/sec 5 stable / 6 talisman / 10 max
Hands 1
Commands Lash
Melee type Bad Type!
Judge data
No melee judge information

Long Description

Now this seems awfully strange. Looking at this piece of equipment - which, as a whip, by its very nature is sadistic and cruel - it's difficult not to wonder why a good and holy priest would allow one to be soaked in his holy water. Never mind that it's for vampire eradication, it still doesn't seem probable. The fact that you can see C.M.O.T.D. stamped on the plaited leather handle doesn't bode well for the thing's authenticity, either. You might be able to lash at an opponent with it.

Appraises As

The holy water-soaked whip is about six and a half feet long and a couple of inches wide. It is made of leather and could be used as a weapon of type misc.


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