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A holy symbol is an item used as a non-consumed component in a variety of rituals. A holy symbol must be consecrated to one's own deity to be usable.


There are generic holy symbols, which have the short description, "a holy symbol", look like globes, and can be reconsecrated, but each deity who can be worshipped also has a special wearable version. These are:

Deity Visible name Worn as Weight Source
Pishe narrow ivory bracelet bracelet 3/9 lb [1]
Gufnork soft fluffy ball bracelet 5/9 lb [2]
Gapp golden thimble ring 1/9 lb [3]
Sandelfon small square stone bracelet 5/9 lb [4]
Fish line of shark teeth necklace 3/9 lb [5]
Hat brass feather necklace 3/9 lb [6]
Sek black metal medallion necklace 3/9 lb [7] or [8]

These wearable versions may not be reconsecrated, although it's possible to make the attempt. Some npc priests in Djelibeybi wear versions of them consecrated to their own deities.

Prayer beads, when sufficiently charged, will also work as holy symbols.

Other holy symbols that may or may not be usable by priests:

  • Djelian religious symbol, not wearable, 2/9 lb, [9].
  • Agatean Chlong of Destiny, not wearable, 2/9 lb, [10].


Holy symbols are sold in shops dedicated the the relevant deity. The plain versions are &&&&&&&&&&+10000 $25 or the local equivilent, and the wearable versions are twice that.

The wearable Hat symbols in particular seem only to be sold in the Genua temple.

Npc priests also often carry symbols consecrated to their own deity. These may come warded, so it's always wise to check before stealing them or taking them from a corpse.


A very large number of rituals require a holy symbol, making it an essential item for any priest.

The wearable Gufnorkian and Sandelfonic symbols are also usable as targets for the Totem ritual for those gods.

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