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===Other Shops===
===Other Shops===
*'''{{Itemdbshop|620|Cosmopilite's clothes store}}''' (NPC: Mrs. Cosmopilite) in the dark alley east of the carriage stop
*'''{{Itemdbshop|620|Cosmopilite's clothes store}}''' (NPC: Mrs. Cosmopilite) is found in the dark alley east of the carriage stop.
* {{Itemdbeatery|71|Nodar Borgles Restaraunt}}
*'''[[Eateries (Sto Plains)#A Lonely Bar|A Lonely Bar]]''' has a small selection of alcoholic drinks...and perhaps a special visitor taking time out of his busy day. ({{Itemdbeatery|70|Menu}})
* {{Itemdbeatery|70|A Lonely Bar}}
*The '''[[Eateries (Sto Plains)#The Blue Lias|Blue Lias]]''' is a troll bar with troll-style drinks. ({{Itemdbeatery|69|Menu}})
* {{Itemdbeatery|69|The Blue Lias}}
*The '''[[Eateries (Sto Plains)#Nodar Borgles restaurant|Nodar Borgles restaurant]]''' is the home of Holy Wood's famous stoo! ({{Itemdbeatery|71|Menu}})
;Wandering Unique NPCs
;Wandering (and non-Wandering) Unique NPCs
* Gaspode
* Laddie
;General NPCs
;General NPCs

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Holy Wood is a town northwest of Ankh-Morpork. It is home to the Discworld's only movie studio.


Located in the northwestern Sto Plains, this town is a short journey from Ankh-Morpork's Traitors and Rimwards Gates.

Language and currency

The language in Holy Wood is Morporkian (with a Sto Plains accent). The local currency is the Ankh-Morpork dollar.


No player council governs Holy Wood.


Holy Wood is on the Coast route. The stop is located at an intersection in the south end of town.


Player housing

Three player houses are available on the north end of the town.

Player shops

There is one player shop in Holy Wood, in the following location:

Features of Holy Wood


Custom Shops

  • No custom shops

Other Shops



Wandering (and non-Wandering) Unique NPCs
  • Detritus
  • Gaspode
  • Laddie
General NPCs
  • None


There are no guild facilities here.


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