Holy Couturequisition

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Holy Couturequisition
Ritual information
Deities Gapp
GP cost 90
Components prayer book "Coat of Many Colours"
Required powers Movement Sight Speech
Learned At 180 levels faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills faith.rituals.offensive.target
Resisted By y
Angers? n
Type Offensive
Steps 2
Targets others
Description Allows Gapp to judge the clothes of others.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


If Gapp doesn't like what the target is wearing, a seemingly random piece of clothing is slightly damaged. The fashion of the moment can be found in the finger info of Gapp. The targeted npc might attack you, so watch out!


> perform holy couturequisition on taffyd
You stare disdainfully at Taffyd, taking in the full effect of their outfit.
You raise your fists to the sky, feeling the power of Gapp fill you with righteous ire.
You stare at his pair of torn trousers, venting the fashion savoir-faire of Gapp on its miserable and unfashionable existence.

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