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Hit points (also known as Health points or just HP) are a measure of a player's vitality. When the player takes damage by any means, they lose hit points. If their hit points fall below zero, they get a visit from he who talks like this.

Maximum hit points


The maximum amount of hit points a player has is mostly controlled by their bonus in adventuring.health. There is also an effect from the player's weight.

To determine a player's maximum hit point total, read off the 'weight factor' from the graph to the right based on the player's weight, and then apply the following formula:

Max HP = (150 + 10 * con + 4 * ad.he bonus) * weight-factor

Hit point regeneration

The rate at which hitpoints regenerate is controlled by the player's constitution and strength stats, with a stronger emphasis on the former. Specifically, it is:

HP regen per round = rounddown(sqrt(200/9.8 * (4 * ln(con) + ln (str)) - 50) - 10)

Ways to recover hit points

Beyond waiting for them to regenerate, players can recover hit points via any of the following means:

Players can also use stat items to increase their constitution or strength stats, which may result in an increase in the natural hit point regeneration rate.

Viewing hitpoints

Players can view their current and maximum hitpoints via the score command. If the player is in combat or otherwise in most situations where the player takes damage, the monitor will show up detailing their current and maximum hitpoints.

Players can see approximately what fraction of their maximum hitpoints another character has by using the health command, or if grouped with that player, by using 'group status'.

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