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===Player shops===
===Player shops===
There are no player shops
There are no player shops.
==Features of Hillshire==
==Features of Hillshire==

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Hillshire is located on the eastern edge of the Sto Plains in the Skund Forest. It is a larger and more well serviced town than its nearby neighbour Pekan Ford.

Language and currency

The language in Hillshire is Morporkian (with a Sto Plains accent). The local currency is the Ankh-Morpork dollar.


No player council governs Hillshire.


Hillshire is not on any of the carriage routes. If one walks to the town, be prepared to get past the Bridge Troll.


Player housing

Two player houses are available, one at each end of the town.

Player shops

There are no player shops.

Features of Hillshire

The following can be found in Hillshire:

  • Smithies and repair locations include:
    • Blacksmith - smithy for fixing metal things (not jewellery) along the road to the north end of town, across from the tobacco shop.
  • A Bing's Bank local branch.


Custom Shops

  • There are no custom shops

Other Shops

  • The blacksmith's workshop sells a selection of basic armor and weaponry.
  • A magic store has some very rare and unique magical items for sale. (note - external database not up to date)
  • The Silver Starr Boutique (NPC: assistant) is an upscale and stylish clothing store.
  • A small and murky tobacco shop has all your tobacco smoking needs...a true wizardly essential!
  • Store in Hillshire (NPC: shop owner) is a general store.


  • A loud pub sells several varieties of alcohol.


Wandering Unique NPCs
  • Moth-eaten dog (who doesn't actually wander)
General NPCs
  • Child
  • Villager



  • The wizard in the manor has several skills for young (hedge) wizards to learn.


  • The gingerbread cottage on the road south of Hillshire is an abandoned witch cottage which may hold a few witchy items for the witch in need.


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