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Every worshippable deity has a number of high altars, which have various functions.


Joining a faith

Perhaps most importantly, the high altar of a deity is where you must go to become a priest or a follower. You become a priest by "join"ing in the room with the high altar, and you become a follower by going to the high altar and "pray"ing to the deity whose altar it is.


There are also a few commands that are only available at high altars, or that work differently there.

Meditate has four ways it can be used at a high altar:

  • "Meditate" without any arguments will cause you to forget any rituals you know. This works regardless of the high altar you're at.
  • "Meditate upon obsecration" can give you information about the deity pool. It can only be used at your own high altar.
  • "Meditate on <ritual>" can give you limited information about the ritual you're meditating on, and can tm the skills the ritual uses. It can only be used at your own high altar.
  • "Meditate over <object>" can tell you about faith-related aspects of the object you're meditating over, such as consecration, whether it counts as a holy amulet, holy symbol, holy relic, prayer book, or set of prayer beads, and whether it is remembering anywhere. It can only be used at your own high altar.

Consecrate and scour are only available at your own high altar.

Ritual modifiers

There is a positive ritual modifier when you are at your own high altar. If you're a Hattite, you also get a bonus when you're at other deities' high altars.

If you're not a Hattite, there is a negative ritual modifier when at another deity's high altar.

There is a positive ritual modifier if you're reasonably near one of your own high altars--within the same city, or close to the city--and a negative one if you're far from one.

Other uses and points of interest

The Gufnork, Gapp, and Sandelfon altars in Ankh-Morpork, as well as the Hat and Sek altars in Djelibeybi, all have incense burners.

The Gufnork high altar in Djelibeybi is alive and may be interacted with.

The Pishe high altar in the Ramtops is also a place where you can buy lives.


The high altars are all inside the temples, except for the Pishe altar in the Ramtops.

Location Deity
Ankh-Morpork: Street of Small Gods[1] west of the Temple of Small Gods Gapp
Ankh-Morpork: Street of Small Gods east of the Temple of Small Gods Gufnork
Ankh-Morpork: Street of Small Gods east of the Temple of Small Gods Sek
Ankh-Morpork: Street of Small Gods and Market Street intersection Hat
Ankh-Morpork: Street of Small Gods near the northeast end Sandelfon
Ankh-Morpork: Pishe Waterpark[2] Pishe
Ankh-Morpork: Cockbill Street[3] near the docks Fish
Bes Pelargic: Top of the temple complex[4] Pishe
Bes Pelargic: Near the top of the temple complex Gufnork
Bes Pelargic: Above the ground floor of the temple complex Gapp
Bes Pelargic: Ground floor of the temple complex Sandelfon
Bes Pelargic: Beneath the ground floor of the temple complex Fish
Bes Pelargic: Near the bottom of the temple complex Hat
Bes Pelargic: Bottom of the temple complex Sek
Bes Pelargic: Shipwreck in Tuna Bay[5] Fish
Djelibeybi: Northwest corner of the city Sandelfon
Djelibeybi: Temple Street[6] Fish
Djelibeybi: Temple Street Hat
Djelibeybi: Temple Street Sek
Djelibeybi: Deity Lane[7] Gufnork
Djelibeybi: Deity Lane Gapp
Ephebe: Petulia Avenue[8] Pishe
Ephebe: Long Avenue[9] Fish
Ephebe: Flatulus Walk[10] Gapp
Genua: Northwest corner of docks[11] Hat
Genua: South end of Darling Road[12] Gapp
Ohulan Cutash: Middle of Sinner's Walk Gufnork
Ohulan Cutash: South end of Sinner's Walk Sek
Ramtops: North of Lancre Town[13] Pishe
Sto Lat: Princess Park[14] Pishe

The team rooms in the capture the flag arena also count as high altars for purposes of consecration only.


  1. The Street of Small Gods heads east from its intersection with Short Street, a ways south of the Drum.
  2. The Pishe Waterpark is just northwest of the Isle of Gods, in the roughly triangular Apothecary Gardens.
  3. Cockbill Street is near the western edge of the city, south of the river and just west of the Shades.
  4. The temple complex is at the eastern edge of the city, just north of the river. It is south of the palace.
  5. The shipwreck is underwater, but the mast sticks up out of the water.
  6. Temple Street is in the northwest quadrant of the city, connecting Tsort Road and the Avenue of the Pharaohs.
  7. Deity Lane is a little bit south of Temple Street, connecting Tsort Road and the northwest corner of the bazaar.
  8. Petulia Avenue is on the east side of the city.
  9. Long Avenue is on the north side of the Harbour Market.
  10. Flatulus Walk is on the south side of the Harbour Market.
  11. The docks are at the eastern edge of the city, in the middle.
  12. Darling Road heads north from Grim Street at the south edge of the city.
  13. To get here, journey northeast from Lancre Town, then north, then west, and finally go south four times. This altar is outdoors.
  14. Princess Park is in the south part of Sto Lat. The high altar may be reached from the fountain in the middle of the temple.