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Command information
GP Cost 10
Learnt At 10 covert.hiding.person
Skills Used Covert.hiding.person
Items Needed N/A
Guild Available to all

Hide is a covert command that will hide the user.


When you are hidden, people without enough adventuring.perception will not be able to see you in the room. Also, if you do things that are visible (while successfully staying hidden), they will see that "someone" does those things instead of seeing who. (People who do have enough adventuring.perception will see you and your actions normally, but with "(hiding)" after your name.)

You can "hide stop" to come out of hiding, or "unhide" to do so covertly. Some actions may also bring you out of hiding involuntarily if you don't have high enough skills to execute them covertly: souls, manipulating your inventory, getting things from the room, fumbling things, and listing in shops can all take you out of hiding. Some things, like the effects of certain poisons and fumbling an item, can bring you out of hiding.

You can't hide during combat.

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