Herne the Hunted

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Herne the Hunted
God information
Finger  ?
Priests' Alignment min: ?

max: ?

Major Shield
Holy symbol
Finger Finger information on [1] (login required)

Finger information

Herne the Hunted.
Herne the Hunted looks like a cross between a rabbit and a deer, due to His small size, floppy ears, and slender horns. Wide-eyed, furry, and underfed, He is the patron of the most helpless of creatures, and those who would try to protect them from harm. Occasionally reckless in their drive to help others being threatened, His priests are often willing to distract the source of the threat before sprinting away as quickly as possible.
He currently can't be worshipped.

References in game

  • Can be added as a symbol to Ug Ogg's custom armour