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(Herb and spice list and where to find them - in a single page (version 1))
(Stores are where can find pre-ground spices/herbs)
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! rowspan="2" | Item
! rowspan="2" | Item
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! rowspan="2" | Gatherable
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! colspan="2" | Stores (pre-ground)
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This page is a list of herbs and spices on the Disc, and where to find them.

A "spice" is a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food.

An "herb" may be the leaves, flowers, or stems from plants used for flavoring or as a garnish.

Current Disc uses for spices/herbs include potion or spell components, as well as sausage flavouring for Sam Slager jobs. Or, alternately, one can just eat the item as is....which may or may not be hazardous to one's health.

Herbs and spices are acquired in one of two ways.

  • Gather - many herbs/spices may be gathered around the Disc. Gatherable herbs/spices often need further processing, such as by grinding in a food grinder, to be used.
  • Buy - there are shops which sell herbs and spices. They may or may not need further processing for use.

See specific links, where available, for further information about a given herb or spice, including details about where to find gather it and what specific uses it may have.

Item Gatherable Stores (pre-ground) Comments
Store 1 Store 2
Aniseed Yes Laughing Falafel
Basil Yes Laughing Falafel
Black Pepper No Laughing Falafel
Caraway No Laughing Falafel
Cardamom No Laughing Falafel
Cinnamon No Laughing Falafel
Clove Yes Laughing Falafel
Coriander Yes Laughing Falafel
Cumin No Laughing Falafel
Curry powder No Laughing Falafel
Fennel Yes
Garlic Yes Laughing Falafel
Ginger Yes
Methi Yes Laughing Falafel
Nutmeg No Laughing Falafel
Oregano Yes Laughing Falafel
Parsley Yes Laughing Falafel
Rosemary Yes Laughing Falafel
Saffron No Laughing Falafel
Sage Yes Laughing Falafel
Sumac Yes Laughing Falafel
Thyme Yes
Tumeric Yes Laughing Falafel