Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer

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Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer
Spell information
Nickname heb
Guild Wizards
Type Defensive
Description Protects from elemental damage.
GP cost 20
Mind space 30
Thaums 6
Components small crystal(s) (consumed) (octogram consumed)
It requires the focus of an octogram.
Tome Introeductyon too thee Strukture of thee Multyverss

Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer is a defensive wizard spell that protects against elemental damage.


This spell is found in the spellbook Introeductyon too thee Strukture of thee Multyverss.


This spell costs 20 GP when cast, and takes up 30 units of mind space. The spell is targeted at the crystal or crystals you wish to use for the spell; the shield always appears on the caster.

Casting with more crystals takes more time. The casting time is probably multiplied by the number of crystals used.


Spellcheck results
100 130 160 190 220 250 280 310 340 370 400

The following skills are used during the stages of this spell:


This spell requires an octogram (which is consumed) and one or more small crystals, which are consumed. You may use more than one crystal of the same colour.

To protect against fire damage, you need a red crystal.

To protect against cold damage, you need a blue crystal.

To protect against acid damage, you need a green crystal.

To protect against gas damage, you need a yellow crystal.

To protect against lightning damage, you need one of each colour crystal. This also protects you from all other elements!

Casting messages


There is some variation as to what the spell looks like.

You prepare to cast Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer on a small red crystal.
You examine a small red crystal.
You feel how the octogram affects magic nearby. or
You sense the magical field of the octogram.
You count the faces of a small red crystal and the points of the octogram. or
You observe the symmetries of a small blue crystal and the octogram.
You stare deep into a small red crystal.
You hold a small red crystal tightly in a fist.
You hurl a small red crystal into the centre of the octogram. or
You drop a small red crystal into the centre of the octogram.

The line, "You hold a small red crystal tightly in a fist," does not always appear.

A small red crystal and the octogram seem to twist and merge into a hazy red stream of light, which rises and surrounds you.

One of the standard spell failures. Crystal is always consumed.

From outside
Wizard examines a small red crystal.
Wizard seems to be looking at your feet. or
Wizard stares at her feet.
Wizard looks appreciatively at a small red crystal. or
Wizard looks at a small green crystal and counts.
Wizard stares deep into a small red crystal.
Wizard holds a small blue crystal, three small green crystals and three small red crystals tightly in her fist. 
Wizard hurls a small red crystal into the centre of the octogram.


You may recast the spell with a different colour of crystal to add its effects to the shield. You may also recast with the same colour, to get a stronger-appearing shield. It's uncertain how this effects the strength or duration of the shield.   research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 


From the outside, the shield looks like this:

She is surrounded by a hazy glow containing pale swirls of red.

When more than one colour of crystal is used, the shield looks like this:

She is surrounded by a hazy glow containing pale swirls of red and pale swirls of blue.

The colours of the swirls correspond to the colours of the crystals used. There appear to be different levels, possibly relating to strength:

  • pale swirls
  • faint streaks
  • bright ribbons

This spell shows up in shields as: (depending on which crystal(s) you used)

  * You are protected by an elemental shield against: 
  * Fire (about an hour)  * Acid (about an hour)  * Cold (about an hour)  * Gas (about an hour).
    * At the moment, you are also protected against lightning.


  • over an hour
  • about an hour
  • fifty-five minutes
  • fifty minutes
  • forty-five minutes
  • forty minutes
  • thirty-five minutes
  • thirty minutes
  • twenty-five minutes
  • twenty minutes
  • fifteen minutes
  • ten minutes
  • under five minutes


It seems the shield will work differently against different sources of damage.

Against some sources, all damage will be absorbed until the elemental shield for that element breaks. Against other sources, it seems to absorb a percentage of the damage, and the duration isn't lowered by the damage done.

Some examples:

  • Poison gas trap: Percentage of damage absorbed.
  • Headless horse rider sword: Percentage of damage absorbed.
  • Journey of the Heavenly Storm Dragon: Absorbs damage until one element shield breaks.
  • Stinkdamp gas: Prevents all damage for the duration of HEB.
  • Fire/Smoke on SS Unsinkable: See Stinkdamp Gas.
  • Shelox acid: Percentage of damage absorbed.


The spell will last a decent amount of time if it does not absorb any damage; a one-crystal shield cast with ma.sp.de of 202, methods of 212-249, and elemental skills of 170 lasted a little over an hour and a half before disappearing.

Wearing off

This message indicates that the spell has ended:

The red energy around you fades away. (Fire)
The green energy around you fades away. (Acid)
The yellow energy around you fades away. (Gas)
The blue energy around you fades away. (Cold)

Sometimes, but not always, you also get this message:

There is the sound of a cymbal being struck very lightly and a faint whiff of lemons.

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