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Command information
GP Cost 55 initially

35 subsequently per verse/chorus

Learnt At Guild level 100, with additional verses every 20 GL after.
Skills Used crafts.music.instruments.vocal & crafts.music.performance & magic.spells.offensive & magic.methods.elemental.air & magic.methods.mental.charming & magic.methods.mental.cursing & magic.methods.physical.chanting & magic.methods.physical.dancing
Items Needed A means to get drunk like a bottle of scumble
Guild Witches' Guild

Hedgehog is a witch-only command, which allows the singing of the Hedgehog Song. The song - as made famous by Nanny Ogg - causes its hapless audience to dance uncontrollably, with often hilarious (and useful) results.

Hedgehog is commonly used either for novelty value, or to assist groups.

Learning the Song

The hedgehog command may be learned at guild level 100, and is taught by Nanny Ogg. When a witch initially learns the command, Nanny teaches her one verse (and the chorus) of the hedgehog song. Thereafter, Nanny will teach another verse for every 20 guild levels gained, up to a maximum of 12 verses (gained at GL 320).

Nanny is rather particular about teaching the hedgehog song and its verses - she will only teach if presented with at least a pint of scumble (she will, of course, drink all the scumble given to her).

Singing the Song


To sing the hedgehog song, a witch must:

  • Be tipsy (via consuming alcohol).
  • Have at least 55 GP to start singing.
  • Pass a skillcheck.
  • Not be underwater.
  • No one else in the room is singing the song already.

Failures will result in the following messages:

  • Not being tipsy - 'Your throat feels too dry to sing right now.'
  • Not having enough GP - 'You are too tired to sing right now.'
  • Failing the skillcheck - 'Your vocal cords jam!'
  • Someone else is already singing - '<Witch> is already singing!'

Hedgehog consumes 55 GP to start singing, and 35 GP each time a verse/chorus is sung thereafter.


The following syntax can be used to sing the hedgehog song:

hedgehog <fraction> from <vessel>

The first form of the syntax just starts singing the song; the second will cause the singer to periodically swig <fraction> from <vessel> - this can be used to remain tipsy while singing. Note that the bottle can be smashed out of the witch's hands as a result of doing this.

The following syntax displays the number of verses known:

hedgehog verses

And the following syntax is used to stop singing:

stop spell

Stopping Singing

A witch can stop singing the hedgehog song for many reasons:

  • Deciding to stop (using 'stop' or 'stop spell').
  • Running out of GP.
  • Leaving the room (necessarily non-voluntarily, so commonly via wimpy or being dragged by group members).
  • Becoming sober.
  • Running out of verses.
  • Suffering an untimely demise.

In all cases (except possibly the last), the witch will wheeze when she stops singing.


Effects on the Singer

Whilst singing the hedgehog song, the singer:

  • Cannot enter any commands at all, other than 'stop' or 'stop spell' to cease singing.
  • Does not make any attacks.

Effects on the Audience

Hedgehog is an area effect command - so it will affect everyone in the same room as the singer. The number of creatures in the room does not in any way affect the difficulty of singing.

Hedgehog has the following effects on its victims:

  • It causes them to dance!
  • Hidden NPCs and players (pk checked) who can't resist the music will now come out of hiding when dancing.
  • Almost all bonuses are reduced by an amount equal to approximately 1/3 of the singer's offensive bonus.
    • This powerful effect continues for a short while after the witch has finished singing.
    • Bonuses cannot be brought below zero as a result of this effect.
  • If they fail an abjuring spellcheck against the witch's musical performance skill, they will fumble all held and carried items, including money.
    • This test only seems to occur once per performance of the song.
    • NPCs will quickly (within about 2 seconds) pick dropped items back up again.
  • NPCs who drop items will attack the singer.

Defending against the Hedgehog

There are various defenses against the hedgehog song:

Inherent defences
  • Hedgehog is PK checked.
  • Hedgehog does not affect groupmates.
  • Hedgehog does not affect allied NPCs (such as fruitbats).
  • Anything without ears (for example, a tree) can't hear it...
Other defences

Singing in Ankh-Morpork

The musicians' guild of Ankh-Morpork does not take kindly to the Hedgehog Song being sung inside the city's walls. At all.

Any attempt to sing the song in Ankh-Morpork results in the guild's enforcers showing up, and inflicting the following punishments:

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