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A pudgy hedge wizard:

Hedge wizardry is the name used to describe the ancient style of magical arts that was in use long before the rise of magical institutes and institutionalised magic.  Some of these wizards roamed the Disc in search of power, others did the same striving to achieve a greater understanding of nature.  Although rare these days, some of them still exist.  Despite the lack of regular meals, this hedge wizard has managed to maintain a healthy rosy complexion and a plump body.
He is not in good shape.
He is standing.
His skin looks as though it has been covered with several layers of a chalk-like substance, although the head seems not to be covered.
He has a medium bone shield floating around him.


Forests around Skund and the Ramtops.

Spell components

Hedge wizards carry a small backpack which contain their carried components. For example:

It is over a quarter full with: a small yellow crystal, a chicken body feather, some fine grey ash, five beeswax candles, a small leather shield, a jar of screaming mandrake roots, four pinches of old Ramtops tobacco, a lightable torch, a long pipe and a heavy iron hand mirror.
It is open.
It is in good condition.

Loot possibilities

Danger level