Hedge robe

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A <colour> hedge robe.


This is an ancient <colour> robe with small cheap white lace trimmings lining the edges of the garment.  It is made out of an old faded <colour> velvet material which looks like it was originally a curtain that has been cut into shape.  It is what <colour> hedge wizards would wear.
The green <colour> robe has two side pockets.
It is in <condition> condition.


Presumably, the colours of the orders of hedge wizardry. Even Octarine...


The <colour> hedge robe is about six feet long and about a foot wide.  It is <colour> and is made of velvet and looks like you could wear it.  It can hold about 1 pound, or twelve items.  It is in <condition> condition.


You heft the <colour> hedge robe and guess that it weighs about a pound and a half.


Hedge wizard