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Hatty Lillington owns a shop at the junction of Spa Lane and Pallant Street in Ankh. She makes a variety of hats with pre-written descriptions tailored to the customer's specifications.


To order a custom hat here, say "I want to buy something" in Morporkian.

In order to see what types of hats, materials, etc. you can order, you must request a list by saying "May I have a list, please?"

Each time you choose an option you must say that option out loud in Morporkian.


The following types of hats can be ordered here:

    ten-gallon hat     bowler hat         top hat       beanie
    captain's hat      bobble hat         stetson       wimple
    wizard's hat       headscarf          bicorn        cloche
    swimming cap       flat cap           trilby        fedora
    pillbox hat        nightcap           boater        bonnet
    smoking cap        mop cap            panama        beret
    deerstalker        tricorn            gatsby        hood


These are the materials you can choose:

    patent leather     snakeskin          cotton             silk
    cotton twill       bearskin           rubber             lace
    damask silk        leather            suede              felt
    beaver pelt        taffeta            straw              wool
    rabbit fur         velvet             tweed              
    dragonhide         canvas             satin    


You must choose one of these colours:

    pale primrose yellow      chartreuse                scarlet
    blushed lavender          pale green                fuchsia
    soft Genuan blue          slate grey                peridot
    cornflower blue           bright red                sienna
    seamstress pink           pearl grey                purple
    Brindisi orange           dusty rose                garnet
    luxurious black           aquamarine                tartan
    chestnut brown            pale brown                bronze
    speedwell blue            light pink                indigo
    dark turquoise            blackberry                copper
    midnight black            true white                silver
    moonlight grey            dark green                violet
    dark lavender             dark brown                yellow
    raindrop grey             ivy green                 cream
    eggshell blue             dark blue                 azure
    marbled white             sea green                 ivory
    flamingo pink             dark grey                 sepia
    clouded grey              baby pink                 black
    silvery blue              pale rose                 white
    lemon yellow              blood red                 lilac
    bright green              chocolate                 brown
    forest green              pale blue                 peach
    golden brown              sin black                 ebony
    supple black              cerulean                  gold
    pewter grey               dark red                  jade
    Genuan blue               ruby red                  plum
    cobalt blue               lavender                  grey
    dark silver               wine red                  pink
    deep purple               sky-blue                  tan
    apple white               rose red                  
    olive green               burgundy                  


These are the style options:

    neatly tailored    sensible           stylish            sleek
    loose-fitting      starched           medium             saucy
    medium sized       innocent           classy             sheer
    overpowering       military           grubby             short
    understated        majestic           formal             soft
    comfortable        shimmery           simple             deep
    shimmering         battered           demure             pale
    impressive         priestly           bright             lacy
    colourful          ruffled            sporty             sexy
    skintight          elegant            fluffy             thin
    oversized          flowing            small              long
    revealing          magical            thick              none
    crinkled           scruffy            tight              cute
    feathery           shadowy            large              dark
    war-like           strappy            shiny              fine
    feminine           thiefly            stiff              big
    wizardly           low-cut            suave     


The finished product will look something like this:

   Hatty Lillington whispers to you: Your clouded grey top hat will look like
    this: A stylish, clouded grey top hat, with a brim that tilts slightly at
    the edge, to allow the gentleman to more easily lift it to passing ladies.
    Designed to be suitibly stylish, whilst wearing this wool hat you'd be
    sure to stand above any crowd.

Hatty will then ask if this meets your specifications. At this point you can respond by saying either "yes" or "no" in Morporkian. "Yes" will confirm the order and "no" will cancel it.