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Hashishim Caves by Aell updated for Quow's Cow Bar

The Hashishim is an assassin specialisation based in the Klatchian cliffs west of Djelibeybi and having a small branch in Ephebe. They are known for being the first who practiced assassination as a profession and for being dedicated hasheesh enthusiasts.

Inhumation offices

There are public inhumation offices where you can place contracts:

  • in the Hood, Djelibeybi, five north of Daft Bugger. Since the Hood has npcs that auto-attack after a while, it is not recommended to idle in the Hood.
    • There is help to join the guild in this location: when you join here, a guide will come and if you follow them they will lead you to the room where you can join in the Hashishim cave.
  • in a hidden room in the Epiolios' Ephebian Endive pub on Petulia Avenue between the Poleis Gate and the temple of Offler, Ephebe.
    • You cannot join the guild there. If you try you will be told to go north of Daft Bugger in Djelibeybi.


You can join inside the Hashishim Caves by following the north side of the mountains west of Djelibeybi looking for a cave entry going south into the mountain.

  • A guide can guide you from the public inhumation office located five north of Daft Bugger.
  • The room to join is east after you go up to the caves proper.
  • Make sure to ask to join when in the room, you need to be able to speak Djelian to join
  • You can also ask a player to help you, who Hashishim to see a list of members of that guild.


You can advance your skills at the small room where Kahmilah resides. Type help here when in the room to learn more.

You can also learn commands from her by saying teach me please.


It is dangerous to wander the caves if you are not a member of the Hashishim and not an adventurer on their way to join.

  • An adventurer will be sedated if they are caught by a guard or other npc when wandering the caves outside the entry and the joining room.
  • You can leave by going down from the stairwell west of the room where Abd al Alim resides in case you are lost

Newbie chest

The newbie chest is a stone chest located in a small room where Kahmilah resides


  • Tannery
  • Smithy
  • Pottery room
    • Ptoni sells clay and pottery equipment, type list goods from Ptoni to learn more
  • Assassin gear and clothes shops
  • Sot-phin sells customised jambiyas - the ceremonial daggers of the Hashishim - and customised koras - the ceremonial swords of the Hashishim.
    • Type help Sot-phin while in the room to learn more about how to order
  • Ghot-phin-sot repairs clothing, you can type syntax ask to learn more, you can also buy sewing tools here
  • Noticeboard room
  • Library
    • Two books are here, one on poison and the other is a bestiary
  • Tattoo room
    • Type list body parts, list colours or list tattoos to learn more
  • Training rooms
  • Poison lab
    • You can type look apparatus to see what equipment is available here
    • The shelf here usually has plenty of vials
    • The cupboard here usually contains plenty of bottles
  • A hidden smoke-filled room on the second floor where you can get "high"
  • A hidden spring/pool that can be used as a bath or wash yourself
  • Happy Sekani wanders the guild selling tobacco, cigars and hasheesh
  • Dining room / kitchen where you can buy food and drink items

Training Rooms


The Hashishim vote for their admin during an election.

Guild Admin
Lord of the Mountain Zina
Malik Iman Julnar

The Abdulrahman is appointed by the Lord of the Mountain.

Non Admin
Previous Lords of the Mountain
Name Date Appointed Total Votes Cast
Kesira 2 October 2004 20
Vermillion 5 December 2004 17
Ciso 27 July 2005 16
Cazmoch 2 November 2005 10
Flamore 26 January 2006 15
Nny 12 December 2006 15
Leyan 28 July 2009 11
Vaeth 12 July 2013 7
Leyan 31 May 2020 6
Zina 29 April 2022 10
Previous Malik Iman of the Mountain
Name Date Appointed Total Votes Cast
Flamore 16 October 2004 18
Rinse 9 February 2006 12
Nny 19 October 2006 7
Leyan 26 December 2007 9
Happyseeds 5 November 2008 17
Julnar 8 February 2009 6
Ereshkigal 26 March 2009 9
Bleyddyn 14 August 2009 10
Haassasin 5 July 2012 11
Vaeth 19 July 2012 5
Tevi 16 June 2014 6
Ammon 10 August 2015 8
Eachann 27 June 2017 10
Citizen 28 February 2019 9
Tevi 17 May 2019 6
Julnar 10 May 2022 8

The Path to Paradise

Your lives are already over. All that remains is where you will spend all of eternity once this transient existence comes to an end. The hasheesh, your window to Paradise, and your blade, a means to get there, are all you need. The Path to paradise is a very simple path, and yet few will maintain the will to stay the course. All that is required is unquestioning obedience to the Order of the Hashishim. Obey to the tenets herein and your place in Paradise is assured. Stray from the path and damnation eternal shall be your reward.

By dagger or by sword, you shall perform Deliverances to those condemned without fear, without regret, without remorse, without pity, and above all, without hesitation.

It is written in the song of the desert
It is written in the signs in the stars
It is written in the sands of the hour-glass
It is written

It is written in the eye of the falcon
It is written in the shade of the scorpion
It is written in the wealth of the sun
It is written

It is written that man's truth is a mirage
It is written that death's an oasis
It is written for all unbelievers
It is written

The Tenets of the Hashishim

1. You will not come to any arrangement with either the Condemned, or those who request the Deliverance.

2. You will not inform the Condemned of their forthcoming Deliverance.

3. You will not take any item from the corpse of the Condemned in aftermath, or course of Deliverance.

4. You will not render assistance to those who pervert the act of Deliverance.

5. You will not attack or steal from your fellow Hashishim.

6. You will not hinder fellow Hashishim in their execution of Deliverance.

7. You will not hinder members of like-minded institutions in the course of their duties.

Foreign Policy

The Hashishim strive to maintain cordial relations with like-minded foreign institutions. Therefore, while the use of violence against them is allowed, excessive or improper actions shall not be tolerated. Those Hashishim who create disharmony with the spirit of the mountain through abuse of these freedoms will lose both the protection and favour of our ancient institution, and will no longer be welcome on the path to paradise.


These commands are exclusive to this guild.

* These commands are also shared with the Thieves' Guild.


These are the primary skills for this guild.

Important information for the Trials

  • Its recommended to guildmax adventuring.health, adventuring.movement.climbing.rock and adventuring.points to see the Guardian of Secrets.
  • You'll have to climb up onto the roof from a shaft and then climb down the northwest corner of the roof to find him to start your trials
    • You do them one at a time and there can be a lot of waiting involved.
  • Earlier trials can be important in later Trials, so don't disregard anything
  • You can later get your Sacred Word back by asking the Guardian of Secrets "What is my sacred word, please?"
  • The most dangerous Trial is the Fifth trial. Keep your burden low, have a minimum of things (weapons, sacred word, lockpicks ...) and make sure to max the climbing rock and rope
  • Listen to the various NPCs at the guild, and explore everywhere in the guild. It'll help you in the Trials


The Hashishim receive these titles.

Requirement Title
Join the Hashishim Postulant
Pass the First Trial Initiate of the First Level
Pass the Second Trial Initiate of the Second Level
Pass the Third Trial Initiate of the Third Level
Pass the Fourth Trial Initiate of the Fourth Level
Pass the Fifth Trial Initiate of the Fifth Level
Pass the Sixth Trial Initiate of the Sixth Level

After passing the seventh test a graduate title is awarded based on level.

Level Title
0 - 59 Lurker in the Shadows
60 - 69 Stealthy Dart
70 - 79 Dark Shadow
80 - 89 Keen Stiletto
90 - 99 Black Orchid
100 - 124 Quiet Touch
125 - 149 Light Tread
150 - 174 Midnight Shade
175 - 199 Deadly Breeze
200 - 224 Endless Twilight
225 - 249 Silent Shade
250 - 274 Venom Barb
275 - 299 Whispering Scythe
300 - 324 Glint in the Moonlight
325 - 349 Whisper of Steel
350 - 374 Poisoned Mist
375 - 399 Fatal Wish
400 - 424 Fearsome Asp
425 - 449 Stygian Wraith
450 - 474 Silent Reaper
475+ Giver of Endless Night

Hashishim may also receive a prefix before their name.

You can receive these titles if you go to Kahmilah and say titles please

Title Meaning Availability
Alim Scholar Available upon request.
Darvish Ascetic monk Available upon request.
Mahir Proficient Available upon request.
Sayyid Leader Available upon request.
Wadi Calm Available upon request.
Fateen Clever Available upon completion of a task.
Fudail Excellent in character Available upon completion of a task.
Kareen Noble Available upon completion of a task.
Mujahid Fighter Available upon completion of a task.
Murshid Saint Available upon completion of a task.
Asim Protector Bestowed by Lord of the Mountain or Malik Iman.
Fedayeen The original name of the Hashishim Bestowed by Lord of the Mountain or Malik Iman.
Hussam A famous Whirling Dervish Bestowed by Lord of the Mountain or Malik Iman.
Mukhtar Chosen Bestowed by Lord of the Mountain or Malik Iman.
Nasir Helper Bestowed by Lord of the Mountain or Malik Iman.

The following titles may be bestowed on non-hashishim:

Title Meaning Availability
Kareen Noble Bestowed by the Lord of the Mountain for donating &&&&&&&&+8000000 DjToon 40000.00.
Nasir Helper Bestowed by the Lord of the Mountain for donating &&&&&&&&+4000000 DjToon 20000.00.


Like all assassin guilds, a unique list of NPC contracts can be placed and viewed here. NPC contracts can be closed by anyone with the inhume command.

Longname Cost Shortname
CMOHO Dhblah &&&&&&&&&&&+9980 DjToon 49.90 dhblah
Hlep-hlep &&&&&&&&&+100000 DjToon 500.00 hlep
Alkaios the blacksmith &&&&&&&&&&+12000 DjToon 60.00 alkaios
Noc-noc-bang &&&&&&&&&&+54000 DjToon 270.00 noc
71-Hour Ahmed &&&&&&&&&+278180 DjToon 1390.90 ahmed
Makimba &&&&&&&&&&&+6000 DjToon 30.00 makimba
Rah-fara-wai &&&&&&&&&+110000 DjToon 550.00 rahn
Mihk-gran-bohp &&&&&&&&&&+30200 DjToon 151.00 bohp
SMOC Dihbl &&&&&&&&&&+16000 DjToon 80.00 dihbl
Phos-phor &&&&&&&&&+220000 DjToon 1100.00 phos
Throw-Myself-To-The-Lions Dublar &&&&&&&&&&+13000 DjToon 65.00 dublar
Akhos &&&&&&&&&&+25000 DjToon 125.00 akhos
Teh-takk-eht &&&&&&&&&&+70000 DjToon 350.00 teh
May-I-be-Dipped-in-My-Own-Grease Dih-bah-lah &&&&&&&&&&&+3990 DjToon 19.95 dih-bah-lah
Tag-ahn-ruhn &&&&&&&&&&+15000 DjToon 75.00 tag