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Han Sew Low makes custom obi on Imperial Avenue in Bes Pelargic.

Ordering a custom obi

To design an obi, you must first "order obi" and you may then "list" options. You can "quit" or "cancel" at any time. Note that you do not need to speak Agatean to order an obi (though if you don't, you will not be able to understand Han), as long as you know what options you want.


Han Sew Low asks you in Agatean: How wide do you want your obi to be? Slender obi are for casual days, wider obi are for ceremonial events. I have a list if you want to see which widths I can make. Which do you want?
You ask for a list of the available widths.
Han Sew Low asks you in Agatean: I have narrow, wide, slender and thick in stock. Which width do you want?


Han Sew Low says to you in Agatean: Alright, so I've got lots of bolts of cloth in stock right now. You can list them or tell me which colour you want.
You ask for a list of the available colours.
Han Sew Low asks you in Agatean: I have purple, magenta, plum, indigo, lavender, violet, lilac, pink, pale pink, rose, lurid pink, fleshy pink, dusty rose, bright pink, navy, crimson, pink, tangerine, green, emerald green, bright green, sea green, leaf green, vermilion, forest green, jade, pale green, peridot, blue, azure, ice blue, pale blue, sapphire blue, navy blue, royal blue, turquoise, cyan, orange, sunset orange, burnt orange, golden orange, mandarin orange, creamy peach, red, maroon, ruby red, blood red, bright red, dark red, golden yellow, shiny yellow, yellow, bright yellow, sunny yellow, canary yellow, pale yellow, brown, dark brown, light brown, mud brown, russet, topaz, white, iridescent white, ivory, cream, black, jet black, midnight black, grey, beige, light tan, gold, silver and bronze in stock. Which shade do you want your obi to be, Shogun?

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Han Sew Low says to you in Agatean: Another option I can offer is decorating your obi for you. I can do a few different types of decorations - you can either list to see what is available or reply yes or no.
You ask for a list of the available decorations.
Han Sew Low asks you in Agatean: I have several methods that I can use for decorating your obi. I can embroider it, hand paint, or dye it with a design. Do you want a design or not?
You ask for a list of the available decorations.

You may also 'list' the decoration types listed below individually, though list alone will take him through each option at once. You may say 'none' at any time to decline decoration.


Han Sew Low says to you in Agatean: I have paisley, willow tree, maple leaf, monarch butterfly, golden dragon, sunset, string of roses, twisted vines of ivy, gold fan motif, floral motif, crane, bamboo, gold and white peony and chrysanthemum, string of bluebells, marsh reeds, marsh rushes, cherry blossom bouquet, orange blossom bouquet, apple blossom bouquet, plum blossom bouquet, chrysanthemum chain, misty stream, babbling brook, black cherry blossom chain, string of red tulips, leaping tiger, moon and stars and coiled snake dye patterns.


Han Sew Low says to you in Agatean: Or, I can paint ancient rickshaw, peony and temple motif, wave motif, phoenix, green-gold bamboo motif, gold leaf design, fishscale, cluster of yarrow and sparrows, waves, cranes and plum blossoms, grove of billowing pine trees, spring flowers, floral element, persimmon blossom, crane jacarde, persimmon jacarde, chysanthemum cluster, bunny design and intertwined snakes on your obi.


Han Sew Low asks you in Agatean: I have silk floss, gold brocade, silver brocade, platinum brocade, gold embroidery, silver embroidery, platinum embroidery, gold foil, silver foil, platinum foil, silver leaf, gold leaf, platinum leaf, gold fleck, silver fleck and platinum fleck types of embroidery patterns that I can embroider on it as well. Which type of decoration you want? Dye, painting or embroidery?

Season Type

Han Sew Low asks you in Agatean: OK Shogun, I 'action' the obi for you. But do you want your obi made to compliment any particular season?
You ask for a list of seasonal obi.
Han Sew Low says to you in Agatean: I can make obi for the following seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you want one of these, say which, otherwise say no.

He will then show you the obi and tell you how much it costs, at which point you can decide to order or not.

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