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A hag stone is round stone with a hole in it, in which witches can store witch spells or tricks.


Hag stones come in two sizes:

Small hag stones

These can be used to store witch spells and weigh 1/9.

They can be found on crossroads in the Ramtops area, like on the crossroad just west of the creek by Granny Weatherwax's cottage. They can sometimes be found in other areas, especially in the Ramtops.

Large hag stones

These can be used to store tricks and weigh 3/9.

They can be found by searching by some bridges, rivers or other body of water in Scrogden or the Ramtops area, like the creek near Granny Weatherwax's cottage or on the circling road inside the village of Creel Springs.

Storing and retrieving spells and tricks

The spell or trick can be stored in a hag stone by a witch using the imbue command. Only one thing can be stored at a time inside a hag stone.

Once a spell or trick has been stored inside a hag stone, any witch may retrieve it using the educe command.

Warning: trying to educe with little spare head space left besides the space for the spell or trick will likely cause the stone to explode without learning the spell or trick even with good skills. It is best to forget many spells taught before educing and then get them back from Granny Weatherwax or Aunty Ogg-San.

Witches may 'listen' to the stone to determine the name of the spell or trick stored within it.


  • Small and large hag stones are sold in:
  • Both can occasionally be found by searching in places that are stony and damp. For example, the creek near Granny Weatherwax's cottage or outside Mama Diksha's stall. Also Annie Spindlewits keeps some in the little room south of her kitchen.
    • Small Hag Stones
      • Bad Ass, One east from Willow Tree near Granny Weatherwax's cottage
      • Bad Ass Terrain, Bad Ass road (south end) 3s from Bad Ass
      • Bad Ass Terrain, Bad Ass road (northeast end of Bad Ass)
      • Blackglass Terrain, The Kings Road, 1n from west exit of Blackglass
      • Ramtops, The Kings Road next to the lake with the Pictsie Barrows in.
      • Ramtops, on the roads between Creel Springs and Hangdog
    • Large Hag Stones
      • Bad Ass, Willow tree near Granny Weatherwax's cottage
      • Creel Springs, southeast of the Inn
      • Creel Springs, on the road that leads towards Mad Wolf
      • Scrogden, Ankh River Road carriage stop
      • Scrogden, pier west of Ankh River Road carriage stop
      • Scrogden, southeast of the shadoof
      • Scrogden, outside Libby Twickle's shop

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