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The Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins (also known as the Conlegium Sicariorum) is the assassin specialisation based in Ankh-Morpork, although it also has branches in Sto Lat, Sheepridge, Ephebe and Ohulan Cutash.


New members are put into one of six houses upon joining (it used to be that females were automatically put in Black Widow House, but a new change to the code means that if one house is severely lacking in active members, a female can be sorted into a non-Widow house; although the female in question can decide to join Black Widow House if she wants to).

The guild is headed by the Guild Master who is voted in during an election period where anyone may stand as a candidate (if they are 25 playing days old and have passed the Run). The Guild Master is also the one who can set the Charter, recruit enforcers, place sanctions and disavow Assassins.

Each house has a House Master who, as well as assisting the Guild Master in his or her duties, runs their house and the members in it. As with the Guild Master, House Masters are voted in during an election, which requires you to be 15 days old and to have passed the Run.


The Assassins' Guild Charter is usually in the form of a list of rules that are set by the Guild Master. The Guild Master may choose how these rules are followed and has the power to sanction players should he or she believe they have broken it. The Charter may be viewed in the various guild houses and by "review"ing it on your graduation certificate.

A copy of the (hopefully) latest version is transcribed on the AM Guild of Assassins charter page. Please help keep it current by adding the new version to the page when it gets changed.

The Run

The Run is a test which gives an Assassin the inhume command and also allows them to advance their primaries past 75 to 300. It can be lethal, and once passed, as well as being able to inhume, you are also instantly made a playerkiller. You must have passed the Run to close any contract (unlike the Ninja who can close NPC contracts whilst remaining non-playerkiller), run or in an election or start a Vote of no Confidence.


As mentioned, the Assassins' Guild votes in their admin during an election. There are also some positions, such as lecturers for the post-graduate courses and games organisers, which are appointed by the Guild Master.

Guild Admin
Guild Master Llylia
Cobra House Mistress Vacant
Tree Frog House Master Sleipnir
Black Widow House Mistress Iohannes
Scorpion House Master Dane
Raven House Master Mortifi
Viper House Master Sleffie
Subject Level Name
Dance and Deportment Lecturer Master Sleipnir
Crafts Master Aphaea
History Master Pendrake
Medicine and Applied Pathology Master Staria
Music Master Acalyn
Assassination Master Dane
Physical Education Master Mumpfi
Disguise Master Sleffie
Political Expediency Doctor Mortifi
Alchemical Science Doctor Beale
Languages Doctor Iohannes
Inhumation Doctor Llylia
Other positions
House Games Organiser Aell
International Games Organiser Mumpfi
Social Secretary Minerva
Librarian Lenor


These commands are exclusive to this guild.

* These commands are also shared with the Thieves' Guild.


These are the primary skills for this guild.

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