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Guild points (or GP) are the equivalent of a player's energy. They are determined by the relevant **.points skill for your guild. Different guilds will use a different **.points skill to determine their overall GP. The **.points skills that don't determine your overall GP will affect how many Guild Points you may use for commands. Learnt commands require enough GP to be present from the relevant points skill associated with that command (e.g. a magic command requires magic.points GP). How much GP you have in each branch is viewable with the "GP" command.

Primary guild point skills

Guild Skill Stats nb_con nb_dex nb_int nb_str nb_wis
Witches magic.points IISWW 0 0 2 1 2
Wizards magic.points IISWW 0 0 2 1 2
Assassins covert.points CDDII 1 2 2 0 0
Thieves covert.points CDDII 1 2 2 0 0
Warriors fighting.points CCDSS 2 1 0 2 0
Priests faith.points CIIWW 1 0 2 0 2
Adventurers[1] adventuring.points CDISW 1 1 1 1 1


The rate at which a player's guild points are regenerated is based on the player's stat points distribution (initially all stats are 13 and they can be changed by rearrange) and the number of each stats of the skill that is their primary GP skill described in the table above.

For example, magic.points has the five stats IISWW, where I = intelligence, S = strength and W = wisdom, so nb_con=0, nb_dex=0, nb_int=2, nb_str=1, nb_wis=2.

Specifically, the formula to calculate GP regen is:

GP regen per round = rounddown(sqrt(175/9.8 * (nb_con * ln(con) + 
                                               nb_dex * ln(dex) +
                                               nb_int * ln(int) +
                                               nb_str * ln(str) +
                                               nb_wis * ln(wis)) - 43.75) - 10)

Research indicates that there is on average one round every 2 seconds. Therefore:

  • 2 gp regen per round gives an average of 1 gp per second
  • 3 gp regen per round gives an average of 1.5 gp per second
  • 4 gp regen per round gives an average of 2 gp per second

Boosting guild points

Various means exist within the game to provide an instantaneous boost to guild points:

  • Burying killed victims provides a small amount of GP (10 GP per corpse buried).
  • Energy tea can provide a substantial amount of GP as well as boost the maximum total, though there is a penalty when it wears off.
  • Pink crystal rings provide varying amounts of GP when twisted.
  • Stat items and other stat effects can affect the underlying stats for the relevant points skill. This affects both the maximum and the current level.

Drains and penalties

As well as the GP cost incurred by performing commands, some other aspects can cause a GP drain.

  • Stat items or other stat effects (such as those produced by poison) can lower the maximum GP and current level, as well as potentially affecting the renegeneration rate.
  • Yellow stone rings consume GP at regular intervals.
  • The hide and fade commands consume small amounts of covert GP at regular intervals in order to keep the player in hiding.
  • The watch command consumes gp at regular intervals to keep the player's perception higher.
  • The player's combat attitude imparts a GP drain as follows:
Attitude GP drain per attack GP drain per defence
Insane 1 2
Offensive 0 1
Neutral 0 0
Defensive 1 0
Wimp 2 1

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  1. Whilst not an official guild, Adventurers still have primaries and a skill that determines their overall GP.