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Starting Out

Newbie Gear

Skills & Training


  • Check out which spells you want: Spells/Wizard and where to find them: Spellbooks
  • Theres a limit to how many spells can be remembered in your mindspace, you will have to forget spells if you find that you can't remember new ones
  • Note that spells need to pass each stage which goes through a skillcheck for each skill that the spell needs.
  • You can use the spellcheck command or check out the specific spell's page on the wiki, there will usually be a coloured Spellcheck table showing the chances of success for each skill needed in each stage of the spell.
  • If you suddenly receive a lot of damage from like another spell or a special attack or just a normal attack, it can disrupt the casting of your spell.

For common spell components

Tips & Tricks for Spells

  • Blorples:
    • Jewellery used as blorples can degrade as you use it for JPCTs
    • You can fix the jewellery at certain smithies shown on the Smithy page.
    • Make sure to advance some skills in Crafts.smithing for fixing jewellery
    • You can ask on the igame or one talker channels if someone can teach you the fix command.
    • You can also buy blorples at some player shops if you have some money and don't want to go around blorpling.
  • JPCT:
    • Misports (where you don't get teleported to where you want) and burning or rumbling doors are normal when using JPCTs.
    • Before you open the door, type look portal to check if its not burning, you might also want to wait a bit to see if the door rumbles or wobbles on its own.
    • Then type open portal and look enter portal before you enter the door to see if it is the location you want, sometimes you might misport to a dangerous area so this is always a good practice.
  • PFG and other area attack spells:
    • Certain NPCs run away from spells like Pragi's Fiery Gaze before the spell is done casting so be careful, you can invest in skills for Myrandil's Vicious Seizure so you can hold them down.
    • A method for wizards to kill large amounts of enemies is to attack certain NPCs who pursue you and don't run away from PFGs or similar spells and then gather them into one room and then cast an area attack spell like PFG. This is only recommended to try when you are confident that you can cast PFGs without failure and also can deal enough damage using PFGs. Also this is best done in a group where you are leading the group and other group members assist you.
    • PFGs and other area attacks don't tend to do as much damage earlier on and its quite common to fail before you have meet all the skill requirements so it's recommended to rely on melee or KOF when you're young.
    • Be careful using PFGs in areas where you are lower level than the NPCs as you can quickly get overwhelmed
    • Make sure you avoid using it in Djelibeybi where you might end up killing a cat or priest(ess).
    • Try to shield up with TPAs, EFFs and also CCC when possible while casting.
  • TPA and other magical protection spells:
    • You can type shields to see if you are protected by TPAs, EFFs and CCCs etc.
    • Typing group shields or group status will show similar results for you and your groupmates if you are in a group.
    • If your TPA is flickering yellow, it means it is about to break if it is hit again, be prepared to run 2 rooms somewhere else and then TPA yourself again if possible
    • Sometimes TPAs break on their own without any combat so watch out!
  • EFF:
    • Note that EFF swooping down to block consumes your AP and thus if you are facing multiple enemies, you will find that you won't even be able to do melee attacks because your action points is all consumed up.
    • Spells however can be cast no matter the loss in action points, however casting spells will also lose action points.
    • Special attacks can knock down your EFF shield, have an alias prepared for these scenarios like alias ts take shield and then run 2 rooms away and then cast EFF again as some NPCs will pursue
    • You can enchant your EFF shield to add some durability and make sure to fix your shield if it is getting too damaged
  • KOF:
    • Certain NPCs also run away from KOF before it is done casting, especially NPCs in Bes Pelargic
    • KOF can be cast on multiple targets, you can do this by typing cast Kamikaze Oryctolagus Flammula on target_1,target_2, note that it costs 100 extra GP per another target


  • See Alias if you're not sure what an alias is
  • Create an idle alias, you you can use to TM skills while idling, see: Idlechasing aliases and Idlechasing for wizards
  • There are some good general aliases in General aliases
  • Use the recommended kill alias and check out Combat aliases
  • Tetrikitty has some useful aliases, see User:Tetrikitty/Useful_Aliases
  • You can type alias mdt map door text and then type mdt to quickly check the NPCs around you depending on your perception
  • For teleporting, alias port cast Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel on $*$
  • For TPA, alias tpa take shield from component pouch; take handful of ash from component pouch; cast Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator on $*$; put shield in component pouch
  • For KOF, alias kof take carrot,torch from component pouch; cast Kamikaze Oryctolagus Flammula on $*$;put torch in component pouch
  • For other wizard aliases, you can check out Guild_aliases#Wizards

Choosing an Order

Review Wizards' Guild#Orders before reading this section

When it comes to the time to choose an order, here is a brief overview of the orders, the hedge orders are similar:

  • Lodgers are a good generalist order, very popular specifically because of its very good and diverse primaries.
  • Unbroken Circle focuses upon elemental skills first and foremost and is favoured strongly by people who want to focus on offensive casting, especially spells like Pragi's Fiery Gaze or Nargl'frob's Empyrean Spear (lightning bolt!).
  • Hoodwinkers focuses upon illusions and trickery, but has a good generalist bent to it, especially having a good spread for some niche but useful spells. They're the best at Eha.
  • Silver Star is for if you really like crafts, but they suffer at everything else because they get barely any methods.
  • Seers is great if you are interested in scrying and also have some useful general primaries for spells as well.
  • Shadow focuses on demonology and is the order to go for if you want to cast Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon.
  • Midnight are necromancers, can speedrun to Grg if you care for having your own skeleton minion.
  • Last Order may as well be a second Lodgers but with methods focusing more on reaching offensive spells.

Usually when it comes down to choosing an order, it is more about your play-style (roleplaying or fighting style, etc.) and also which spells you want to be able to master early on as the primaries each order offers will make it easy to master certain spells.

Your Order's Senior Wizard will usually welcome you into the order when you join, if you have any questions or need further help with the Order, you can ask your Senior Wizard.

Next Steps

  • Once you have done most of the newbie quests, you can kill NPCs for experience and money in Newbie areas. Avoid killing NPC shopkeepers.
  • Later on, you can group with other players to kill NPCs as described in Numberchasing, however it is recommended that you have a >= 200 bonus in magic.spells.defensive for casting TPAs and around 2000 hp and can use JPCTs and CCCs. Make sure you have enough ash for casting TPAs on you and your groupmates.
  • If you aren't as interested in fighting to gain experience and money, you can also do missions. Note that some missions might give less experience if you do them repeatedly within the same hour.
  • Join the Club/Faculty club once you reach 10 days of age, there are also usually clubs for the order in which you have decided to join
  • Contribute back to the wiki or this guide if you find discrepancies or other things that will be useful! See: Special:UserLogin to register