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God information
Finger  ?
Areas Ankh-Morpork, oasis, Sto Lat
Priests' Alignment min: ?

max: ?

Major Shield a layer of fluff, a thin layer of fluff
Holy symbol a soft fluffy ball
Finger Finger information on [1] (login required)

Gufnork, God of Fluff: As the God of Fluff, Gufnork and His priests enjoy an insulated life spent in meditation upon the softer aspects of life. Usually stereotyped as intellectuals with little care for worldly matters, followers of Gufnork have developed a reputation for standoffishness. Worshippers of Him often seek to improve the lives of others, so that more people will have the leisure and inclination to contemplate the glory of Gufnork.

Gufnork's most important commandment is: Take My fluff throughout the world, and wherever the fluff be lacking, there spread My fluff thickest so that all may experience My fluff and sleep more comfortably upon it.

The current High Priestess for Gufnork is Acantha.

Gufnork grants the rituals Cure Light Wounds and Summon Fluff to His followers.


The ideal alignment for a is between 6 and 7 degrees good (or, just after the beginning of the "quite good" range). He will be merely "pleased" with you if you're from about 3 - 6 or 7 - 10 degrees good.


Temples to can be found in:

  • Ankh-Morpork on the Street of Small Gods
  • Bes Pelargic near the top of the red tower (a little north of the river on the very east side of the city)
  • Djelibeybi on Deity Lane on the west side of the city
  • Ohulan Cutash, south of the market square

The newbie chest is in the Ankh-Morpork temple in the room with the secretary.


Shops which sell Gufnorkian items can be found in the Ankh-Morpork, Djelibeybi, and Ohulan Cutash temples. You can also buy priestly items of your own deity from the charm peddler who wanders around the Imperial District in Bes Pelargic (mainly on Garden Walk).


Various unnamed priests and priestesses of Gufnork also wander around Ankh-Morpork.

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