Gryntard's Feathery Reliever

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Gryntard's Feathery Reliever
Spell information
Nickname gfr
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Temporarily reduce an item's weight.
GP cost 60
Mind space 25
Thaums 5
Components feather (consumed), silver necklace
Tome Invoakatyons in thee Mysterie of Wynd

Gryntard's Feathery Reliever (abbreviated as GFR) is a miscellaneous spell which temporarily reduces an item's weight.


This spell costs 60 GP to cast and takes up 25 units of mind space.


Spellcheck results
100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 350

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


  • A feather (consumed)
  • A silver necklace (not consumed)

Casting messages


You prepare to cast Gryntard's Feathery Reliever on <item>.
You tickle <item> with the feather.
You call upon the powers of air.
You wrap the silver necklace quickly around the air spirit, chaining it to <item>.
You force the essence of the feather into <item>.


<item> seems a bit lighter than before.


You seem to have trapped an overweight air spirit.  <item> is now twice as heavy as it was before.
Whoops, the air spirit seems to have vandalized your property.  The <item> seems to be in slightly worse condition now.

From outside

Wizard tickles <item> with a feather.
Wizard purses his lips and blows a stream of air on <item>.
Wizard twists a silver necklace around <item>.
Wizard rubs a feather along the length of <item>.


When cast, this spell temporarily reduces the weight of an item. A failure may increase the weight instead, or damage it.

Research shows the weight to be reduced by 70%. This might change depending on the skills of the caster.


  • Contrary to what the helpfile says, you do not need to be carrying an item to cast this spell on it. The item may be on the ground.
  • A cast of this spell will cause the following line to appear under the item's description, if the item is made lighter or heavier:
A glimmering row of silver feathers lines the edge.

This effect appears to be in octarine and as such is only visible to wizards and witches, or by performing the ritual Detect Magic on the object or zapping it with a short wand (Wand of Magic Detection).

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