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Player groups are primarily used as a mechanism for up to six players to band together to attack npcs that they could not kill alone, or to kill npcs faster than they could on their own. However, they have other functions as well, and can be used for socialising or even idling together.

Players can see what groups are active with the commands 'group list' and can advertise their availability to join a group with the 'group request' command.

Additionally, there are several group specific commands that players have access to when they are in a group.

Group status

This gives you an estimate of all group members' health and guild points, tells you who the leader is, and tells you how idle group members are (if any have been idle for more than 15 seconds).


This is what the health-related messages mean:

near death: Under 6% of maximum hit points
critically wounded: Under 11%
seriously wounded: Under 21%
heavily wounded: Under 31%
badly wounded: Under 41%
wounded: Under 51%
slightly wounded: Under 61%
injured: Under 71%
slightly injured: Under 81%
slightly hurt: Under 90%
scratched (green): Under 91%
scratched (white): Under 95%
almost unhurt: Under 100%
unhurt: 100%

Guild points

This is what the guild point-related messages mean:

near unconscious: Under 11% of maximum guild points
severely fatigued: Under 21%
highly fatigued: Under 31%
very fatigued: Under 41%
fatigued: Under 51%
slightly fatigued: Under 61%
confused: Under 71%
slightly confused: Under 81%
concentrated: Under 91%
clear of mind: Under 100%
refreshed: 100%

Group assist

If you group assist someone, then you'll automatically join in (after a short delay) if they enter combat. You can "group unassist" them to stop.

Group shields

Shows any arcane shielding that group members are currently using. The output is similar to shields.