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Grflx Caves map updated for Quow's Cow Bar
Warning.png WARNING: The Grflx caves is a dangerous zone with auto-attacking grflxen.
Creature Tanning Info
Creature information
Group Type I Other
Group Type II Grflxen
Aggressive Hunter, Adolescent, Mentor, Soldier, Queen
Pursues Yes
Special Harvest None
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Creature information
Skin Type N/A
Size N/A
Weight (fresh) N/A
Weight (tanned) N/A

Grflx are thought to be large winged lizard-bird monstrous beasts.

They can be found in caves beneath Skund Forest.

Grflx come in several varieties, most of which attack on sight:

  • Hunter
  • Adolescent
  • Mentor
  • Worker (not aggressive, but joins in fights with other grflx)
  • Workleader (not aggressive, but joins in fights with other grflx)
  • Soldier (pursues you, attacks and pursues giant fruitbats)
  • Queen (The Grflx, very dangerous, attacks giant fruitbats)
  • Egg (from nursery, not dangerous)
  • Baby (hatches from an egg, not aggressive)

Their hides can be made into leather armour by the NPC Squinty Jeb in another area more to the south of Skund Forest.

Only the hide from the queen can be made into a Grflx scale.

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Grflx caves

The Grflx caves are a network of caves and tunnels below some hills inside Skund Forest, past the giant pine, which is the source of the crystal eggs.

Finding some hidden exits and some rock climbing skills are needed to reach the Grflx cave on foot.

The Grflx caves is a dangerous zone where grflxen will automatically attack trespassers.

The grflxen usually stay inside their cave but some adolescent and mentor groups can follow players outside.

Ground level

On the entry level of the cave there are lone hunters, lone adolescents and groups with one mentor and three adolescents.

  • While they all use delayed pursue, the mentor groups move one room for each group member in the same direction, even if it takes them past the target they were following or outside the caves.
  • They also all wander randomly and can merge into much larger groups, often while you were fighting the first group.
  • In some rooms you can go down to a river and grflxen can shove you into it. You can leave back up. The stream of water regularly tries to push you further downstream and makes it very hard to go back upstream without first going back up.

Worker den

Below the entry level is a relatively safe area with groups of workers following a workleader.

  • The workers and workleaders do not automatically attack.
  • However, getting to this level starts to poison you with more and more noxious gas over time, damaging your health regularly. Going outside the cave gradually reduces and ends the poison's effects after some time.


Past the worker den soldiers start to appear, some of them laying in ambush, as the cave splits into two tunnels.

Huge cave

The two branches lead into one huge cave which is home to the grflx queen, simply shown as the Grflx.

  • The Queen is much tougher to kill than even soldiers, and her corpse is extremely heavy. Just the scales are also extremely heavy.
  • The hide from the grflx queen can be made into a Grflx scale if you can extract it from the corpse and bring it to Squinty Jeb.
  • There can also be some soldiers in the huge cave.


On the other side of the huge cave is the nursery, composed of a passage leading to nest chambers.

  • Eggs can be obtained there, and will eventually hatch into a baby grflx. However these can not be tamed as pets and do not mature.


Grflx caves ground level

/                                                              \
|          *£*'F-F     %-%          Legend                     |
|         /  |    `   /   \    £                               |
|      *-*   *-*   %-%-*   %   *-*  / Northeast-southwest exit |
|     /  ¶   |  \  |    \  |   |x|  - East-west exit           |
|  v-*   C   *   %-%     *-*-*-*-*  \ Northwest-southeast exit |
|    |   ¤  / \  |  \   /           | North-south exit         |
|    *   D-*   *-P   *-*            * Room                     |
|     \ /   \    |  /               % Room with stream below   |
|      S     *-B-*-*                ` One-way drop exit        |
|       \   /  |                    ' Climb from stone exit    |
|        *-*   F                    £ Climbing exit            |
|         \   /                     ¶ Crawling exit            |
|          F-F                      ¤ One-way crawling exit    |
|           /                       v Down exit                |
|          ?                        ? Inaccessible room        |
  • P: Pond - The stream pushes you toward this room.
  • F: Grflxen-free rooms
  • D: High-vaulted cave with a skylight - Going down southwest and west from the giant pine drops you here with broken legs.
  • S: Sinkhole - This room is filled with water. You need to swim here and if too heavy you might sink underwater.
  • B: Bat roosting cave - Being in this room quickly gets you covered in disgusting and stinky bat guano, this lasts a while.
  • C: Collapsed tunnel - This room is so small you cannot stand, only crouch. It has weird verbosely named exits that are not commands, so "syntax" is of no use. To leave you'll need to crawl again first.
You can "scramble between stalactites" to go north.
You can "squeeze under boulder" to go south.

Grflx caves bottom level

/                                                            \
|     N                          Legend                      |
|    /                                                       |
| N-*                            / Northeast-southwest exit  |
|   |                            - East-west exit            |
|   *                            \ Northwest-southeast exit  |
|  / \                           | North-south exit          |
| N   *-*                        * Room                      |
|     |x|\                       ^ Up exit                   |
|     *-*-*                      D Worker den                |
|      \|x|                      S Start of soldiers tunnels |
|       *-*-*-*           *-*-^  N Nest                      |
|       |      \         /                                   |
|       *       *     D-D                                    |
|        \      |     |x|                                    |
|         *-*   *     D-D                                    |
|            \  |    /                                       |
|             * *   *                                        |
|              \|  /                                         |
|               S-*                                          |

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