Green glass stylus

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Green glass stylus
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 7/12 x 1/12
Material glass
Weight 2/9
Thaums/sec 2 stable / 3 talisman / 5 max
Hands 1
Commands stab
Melee type Misc weapon
Judge data
No melee judge information

Long Description

Carefully polished smooth, this hand-long piece of bubbly green glass, recovered from the mysterious circular glass fields near the reputed site of the aeons-lost cities of Fielleran and Gehellin, has a gently pointed tip to leave marks on papyrus or wax.
A faintly greasy, green-tinged octarine light crawls across its surface.

Appraises As

The green glass stylus is about six inches long and an inch wide. It is made of glass and could be used as a weapon of type misc.


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