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Grapes are the fruit of a deciduous woody vine. There are many varieties, both wild and domesticated cultivars. Depending on type, grapes are used to make wine, vinegar, raisins, juice, jelly and jam, and oil, or may be eaten raw.

If you could collect thousands of these, stomp on them for days, and leave them to rot till they went fizzy, you might be able to make champagne, but I doubt it.

Grape vines can be found in the following locations:

  • Genua (Little Brindisi) has grape vines. Can "pick grape" only at certain times of the year. Be aware that this is considered stealing, and the local citizens may view you poorly if you pick too many (and are caught too often).
  • Tuvelpit Road in Ephebe has many vines. Grapes are "gather"able in the summer and autumn.