Granny Weatherwax's cottage

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Granny Weatherwax's cottage is located in Bad Ass, and is the most well-equipped of the witch cottages.


The cottage

Granny's cottage is usually locked, but there's a spare key on the nail in the privy. If you put that key on a keyring necklace and wear it, then you won't have to go hunting around for keys every time you want to enter the cottage.

The roof

To get onto the roof, follow these steps:

  • Go to the herb garden outside the privy, and 'get undergrowth' to grab a clump of undergrowth.
  • Find the nanny goat and 'lead goat with undergrowth'. Lead it back to the herbs, where it will promptly uncover a small ladder.
  • Take the ladder to outside the back door, and 'lean ladder against wall'.
  • You can now go 'up' from this location to reach the roof.

Alternately, many witches record the roof as a broomstick location, saving themselves the hassle of this process.

The chimney and the cellar

The chimney can be entered from the kitchen, via 'enter chimney'. You can find (harmless) spiders here, for use in making antivenom. Be aware that anything dropped in the chimney will fall down to the chimney hatch in the cellar.

The cellar is reachable by going down from the widdershins wall. To retrieve items from the chimney hatch, open it. This will cause all the items in it to fall into the room, from where they can be picked up. Note that opening the chimney hatch will also unleash a cloud of soot, covering you in it.

The creek

A secluded spot - just east of the crossroad south of the cottage - that has several uses:

  • You can wash yourself or others (a gnome provides soap).
  • You can get a willow withe from the willow tree here.
  • You can climb the willow tree.
  • You can search for large hag stones in this room.
  • You can search for small hag stones at the crossroad west of the creek.


The following NPCs are to be found in or around Granny's cottage:

  • Granny Weatherwax - moves around inside.
  • Nanny Ogg - at the rimward wall, outside.
  • Pewsey - moves around outside.
  • You the Kitten - moves around inside.
  • Greebo - moves around outside.
  • The raven - on the roof.
  • A nanny goat, and three other goats - in the lean-to (the nanny goat may have been led outside).
  • A small owl - in the lean-to.
  • A badger - in the privy.


The following facilities are available at Granny's cottage:


A great many components can be found at Granny's cottage:

  • The paddock contains 6 beehives, providing honey. Borage may also be found here.
  • An unlimited number of goat pellets (for making smelly seeds) can be acquired from the lean-to (use 'get pellet').
  • The roof is a source of ivy seeds, which may be gathered.
  • The herb garden outside the privy contains:
  • Floppy Madmen mushrooms can be gathered in the dark clearing to the north.
  • A candle is on the ledge in the privy, and more can be found in the drawers in the kitchen.
  • A basket (for tempting) can be found in the cellar.
  • Large hag stones can be found by searching the creek to the south of the cottage.
  • Small hag stones can be found by searching at the crossroads south of the cottage, by the sign.
  • You can cut a willow withe from the tree beside the creek.
  • Spiders (for making antivenom) can be found in the chimney.
  • A sugar basin with sugar cubes in it is in the drawers in the kitchen.

Other items of interest

  • Containers:
    • Turquoise bottles can be found on the shelf in the scullery.
    • Blue and yellow bottles can be found on the shelf in the pantry.
    • Jars can be found on the shelf in the pantry.
    • Cups are in the drawers in the kitchen.
  • Sorrel, knapweed, moon-daisy and beebalm can be gathered in the paddock.
  • Fruit sources:
    • Raspberries can be gathered from the thickets outside the front door.
    • The paper bag in the drawers in the bedroom may contain apples, if they haven't rotted away.
  • A washboard can be found by searching the still in the scullery.
  • A small battered kettle can be found by searching in the pantry.
  • Oven mitts (which protect wet hennes from getting burned during tea-making) can be found in the drawers in the kitchen.
  • There is a spare witches hat on the demon claw coat hook in the kitchen. Tickle the hook to make it drop the hat.

Getting a frog

There are many speckled frogs in the well in Granny's scullery (required for Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver), but it's not trivial to get one. Follow these instructions for your own frog:

  • Get the broken tea strainer from the drawers in the kitchen.
  • Get the pair of red and white hooped fishnet stockings from the drawers in the bedroom. While you're here, 'search under bed' and get the chamber pot.
  • 'Repair strainer with stockings'
  • Go to the scullery and close the window.
  • Hold the strainer and the chamber pot.
  • 'Fish frog out of well'
  • Get the frog from the pot.

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