Grangrid, Graves, and Descendants

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Grangrid, Graves, and Descendants is a custom clothing shop near the north end of Chrononhotonthologos St in Ankh-Morpork.

Male characters may only order in the front of the shop, from Mr Graves, and female characters may only order in the back of the shop, from Miss Grangrid, but the options and prices appear to be identical.


The available categories are: coat, necktie, waistcoat, trousers, ensemble, shirt, jacket and kilt.


The following types of coat are available:

razorback cape     trench coat        frockcoat          overcoat
morning coat       greatcoat          tailcoat           raincoat
banyan robe        redingote          lab coat           


The types of necktie are: cravat, scarf and tie.


Neckties have the following patterns available:

horizontally striped      discreet                  simple
vertically striped        hatched                   wavy
diagonally striped        striped                   no
checkered                 weaved                    
intricate                 swirly                    


There are two types of waistcoat: traditional waistcoat and backless waistcoat.


Trousers come in the following types:

drainpipe trousers  pantaloons          breeches            deans
Sto Helit bags      trousers            capris              trews
suit trousers       jodhpurs            flares              hose
galligaskins        culottes            chinos              
plus fours          cossacks            jeans               


There are two types of ensemble: three-piece suit and formal.

The three-piece suit ensemble consists of: tie, waistcoat, day shirt, trousers and suit jacket. All will have the same choices you selected for material, descriptors, edging etc.


The types of shirts are: jacobite shirt, dress shirt, kilt shirt, poet shirt, nightshirt, day shirt and tunic.


The following types of jacket are available:

tacticus jacket     duster jacket       dolman jacket       pea coat
spencer jacket      dinner jacket       mess jacket         jerkin
smoking jacket      riding jacket       suit jacket         blazer


There are two types of kilt: great kilt and kilt.


The following buttons are available for everything except neckties:

exquisite champleve       dusted metal              silver
reflective bronze         basket woven              beaded
intricate silver          self-covered              small
tarnished silver          rough pewter              ebony
discreet wooden           blue painted              round
polished pewter           dull silver               large
polished bronze           tabby woven               shiny
mother of pearl           shiny metal               ivory
Agatean boxwood           dull bronze               brass
blackened metal           red painted               onyx
delicate glass            dark cloth                gold
intricate gold            light wood                jade
metal filigree            oiled wood                star
coloured glass            dark wood                 opal
needle looped             turquoise                 ruby
sensible wood             cut steel                 bone
black painted             rosewood                  
cricket cage              emerald                   

The buttons can have the following motifs engraved on them, or no motif.

Llamedese knotwork        hooded cobra              sphynx
crossed daggers           coiled viper              anchor
blossoming rose           wolf's head               acorn
rose and thorn            black widow               cloud
coiled serpent            ivy wreath                grflx
mystical sigil            sunflower                 ship
crescent moon             tree frog                 dove
simple square             oak leaf                  star
Draco Nobilis             scorpion                  iris
lion rampant              gryphon                   owl
sun in glory              dolphin                   no
fleur-de-lis              violets                   
raven's head              rosebud                   


The following types of trim are available for everything except neckties. You can also choose to have no trim:

simple leather banding    passementarie             ruffles
lengths of cord           frilly edges              sequins
mystical sigils           lace edging               piping
silver trimming           gold edging               ribbon
silver buckles            silk edging               fringe
brass buckles             beadwork                  braid
big blue eyes             rickrack                  fur
stylish tears             tassels                   no


The following materials are available:

Llamedese linen    bombazine          fustian            suede
Sto Plains silk    gabardine          ratskin            cloth
Llamedese wool     corduroy           flannel            twill
patent leather     cashmere           cambric            linen
Agatean silk       moleskin           muslin             wool
Ramtops wool       lustring           cotton             lace
terry cloth        taffeta            rubber             bark
seersucker         vermine            poplin             hide
wool blend         hessian            velvet             silk
snakeskin          leather            tweed              felt
fine wool          batiste            satin              mink
velveteen          brocade            denim              fur


The following styles are available:

neatly tailored    Klatchian          elegant            fluffy
weapon master's    oversized          Ankhian            medium
travel stained     warrior's          guard's            fitted
old-fashioned      billowing          thief's            safari
unfashionable      masculine          ruffled            classy
bridegroom's       Auriental          stylish            louche
adventurer's       informal           wedding            suave
loose-fitted       wizard's           ominous            tight
Sandelfonian       majestic           Sekkite            loose
overpowering       crinkled           patched            faded
frightening        sinister           Hattian            puffy
groomsman's        military           dashing            thick
comfortable        sensible           Pishite            short
understated        starched           shadowy            sleek
Uberwaldean        homespun           Fishite            shiny
fashionable        rogueish           effete             stiff
Lancrastian        hunter's           formal             lacy
scandalous         priest's           bright             thin
shimmering         tailored           Gappic             long
assassin's         designer           Genuan             cute
ill-fitted         foppish            shabby             sexy
Morporkian         foolish            sporty             torn
impressive         flowing            simple             ugly
Gufnorkian         witch's            bridal             big
skintight          crinkly            floppy             no


The available colours are:

vibrant floral print      pale brown                silvery
Lancrastrian tartan       mint green                rainbow
Feegle blue tartan        dark brown                tartan
Copperhead tartan         smoke grey                violet
Blackglass tartan         pale green                purple
golden chartreuse         iridescent                indigo
deep forest green         lime green                maroon
McSweeney tartan          dark green                yellow
Barbarian tartan          Ogg tartan                orange
pewter coloured           royal blue                sepia
Hunter's tartan           teal green                ivory
chocolate brown           bright red                beige
seamstress pink           aquamarine                brown
cornflower blue           vermillion                plaid
green pinstripe           off-white                 mauve
black pinstripe           tangerine                 azure
brown pinstripe           pale blue                 white
grey pinstripe            pinstripe                 khaki
speedwell blue            navy blue                 olive
blue pinstripe            sea green                 cream
midnight blue             dark grey                 green
crocus yellow             deep grey                 brown
canary yellow             blue-grey                 black
golden yellow             dark blue                 jade
charcoal grey             cerulean                  cyan
emerald green             chestnut                  rose
forest green              burgundy                  puce
lemon yellow              wine red                  bone
bright green              sky blue                  grey
green-black               dark red                  blue
dark orange               lavender                  pink
Ynci tartan               crimson                   tan
blue-black                scarlet                   red
coal black                magenta