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The Grand National 2021 is a betting service provided by Mirodar based on a creator news release on 27 March 2021.


A creator news post was released on 27 March 2021, saying:

Note #4 posted at Sat Mar 27 Title: "Thursday is coming"

Hello all!

For a long time now, you have been asking us when rideable horses will be added to the game.  And our answer has always been the same: Thursday.

However, we neglected to say to _which_ Thursday we were referring.  Now, we can unambiguously say: rideable horses will be added _next_ Thursday; that is, 6 days from now.

We hope to have sufficiently informed you so that you can suitably prepare yourselves for equestrian activities!

-- Your hard-working creator team.

It happens that "next Thursday, that is, 6 days from now." refers to April 1, 2021.

Speculation started on (One) regarding this creator news blog post.

(One) Capita wisps: omg has everyone seen the news announcement?

(One) Kalama wisps: Was busy keeping bloody paw prints from getting all over the carpet.

(One) Capita wisps: they're finally releasing horses!!

(One) Kalama wisps: Did you look to see what day next Thursday is

(One) Releeh wisps: But of course, Fools were real. So who knows what may or may not happen.

(One) Kalama wisps: I believe its gonna be a stick with a horse head that's holdable and does things mimic riding a horse.

(One) QiYing wisps: the conspiracy theory is that the horses are unflyable broomsticks with horse heads :P

(One) Releeh wisps: Or the Fools guild gets a rideable mechanical horse or something

(One) Kalama wisps: technically the horse head stick is a hobby horse.

(One) Ochrion wisps: But can you ride it?

(One) Monday wisps: Maybe horse is a nickname for something, and we're actually getting heroin on Thursday. I want that in the pool :p

(One) Monday wisps that she checks what else Horse is on urbandictionary.

(One) Mirodar wisps: ok, Monday has bet A$71 dollars on the news announcement actually referring to heroin.  Anyone else?

(One) Kalama wisps: Horse is slang for heroin

(One) Capita wisps: I'll put a dollar on "there's only one horse, and everyone has to share"

(One) Mirodar wisps: 2 bets so far. I'm pretty sure there are rules that would prevent cres taking part ;)

(One) QiYing wisps: Oh. OOOOH. One horse. on Thursday Island. On Thursday. :p

(One) Kalama wisps: I put my money on everyone is gonna get their hopes up

(One) Yuphie wisps: Neighsayers. :(

(One) Ryuto wisps: horse puns incoming?

(One) Urwan wisps: Good refereeing there, Mirodar :D

(One) Yuphie wisps: At the very least we get horse-themed pogo sticks.  It's win-win.

(One) Geryon wisps: Horses on April 1... I am suspicious.

(One) Umiven wisps: The true joke if we WOULD get horses, he? Any creators listening? We would not see that one coming!

(One) Kalama wisps: I'm telling you its horse headed sticks.

(One) Juppie wisps: i'm curious what creator was involved... if it is Capita, it must something lethal like dinosaur shaped horses hunting every and each player

(One) Tremulo wisps: They might be Trojan horses

(One) Kalama wisps: I'm telling you its horse headed sticks.

(One) Mirodar wisps: how much are you betting kalama?

(One) Kalama wisps: 10 royals.

(One) Ryuto wisps: ooh, money where the mouth is

(One) Mirodar wisps: biggest bet so far...

(One) Kalama wisps: Its just money tossed more than that into pishe's pool this morning.

(One) Mirodar wisps: ok. Cre/cre alts/PTs are not allowed to take part.  Stakes to be paid BEFORE midnight on 31st March. Winners will have stake returned along with an amount equal to their stake.  If anyone fancies doing something more sophisticated with odds and such then feel free :)

(One) Kalama wisps: There has been greater amounts stolen.

(One) QiYing wisps: wait wait what are the bet options, will you list it on Discord, how much is the minimum bet amount? :p

(One) QiYing wisps: Jeanie could do something on her site with statistics :P

(One) QiYing wisps: Or I could create something on the wiki and then.... Someone will need to calculate odds and stuff :p

(One) Mirodar wisps: no min, max is only an issue if it's so large I can't cover it.  Bet on whatever option you want.  Current bets are heroin, for real and hobby horses

(One) Kalama wisps: They trusted that person too and I even recall him saying he would do exactly what he did.

(One) Mirodar wisps: Yikes: I think I've built a good enough reputation over the last year to be trusted with this

(One) QiYing wisps: You need to set max and I don't know how to calculate payout

(One) QiYing wisps: but sure, we can create something basic on the Wiki if Mirodar wants? I think there're a few folks who can make you an account if you want.

(One) Mirodar wisps: I have an account

(One) QiYing wisps: hmm ok I can start a page and you can add to it?

(One) Zeek wisps: enough horse play!

(One) Mirodar wisps: ok

(One) QiYing wisps: this is getting serious :P

This is the basic site set up to document the bets taken.

Bet Options and Bets Taken


Bet Options:

1) It's a drug


2) It's a fake horse


Kalama: 10 royals

3) It's a real horse