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There are a few places on the Disc where you can add or remove graffiti.

Graffiti walls

Graffiti walls are spots where there's charcoal around that you can use to scrawl on the wall with. They usually show up in the long description of the room, for example saying that "There are a few pieces of charcoal lying on the ground". You can't, however, take the charcoal with you, so you can only scrawl graffiti in that specific room.

If someone's already scrawled on the wall, the graffiti will show up as an item in the room:

Some graffiti is on the wall and a street lamp is here.

You can read graffiti or read wall to see everything it says.


This graffiti is non-permanent.

Genuan graffiti

Graffiti appears all over the place in Genua, appearing as a line in the room when you have verbose look on. It looks like this:

In contrast to other areas of Samedi, where torches turn the night into sequined day, the torches here are spaced far apart, creating many a stygian island to harbour nightlife of an "immediate" disposition.  The buzz of the entertainment district can be heard a short distance to the west, while Samedi continues to the northeast, and Lovers' Walk leads off south.
Some graffiti has been scrawled here: I killed the Godfather, but I did not kill the consigliere.
It is a reasonably hot autumn prime's evening with almost no wind and medium cloud cover.
There are three obvious exits: west, northeast and south.

You can't add to this kind of graffiti, but you can wash it away, and this is a task you can be assigned if you apply for community service. To do this:

  • Go to the cramped office in the Genuan Watch House (read sign there).
  • Buy a brush and bucket from the small shop on the ground floor of the Watch House.
  • Go to the fountain in the square outside the Watch House (fill bucket from well).
  • Hold bucket and brush.
  • Walk around Genua looking for graffiti.
  • When you see it, clean graffiti.

If you walk around Genua with verbose look on, you can get Morporkian language tms from it, since you read the graffiti automatically.

Thieves' Guild Bar graffiti

In the alcoves of the bar in the Mad Stoat Thieves' Guild outpost, you can--if you're holding a suitable weapon--scrawl on the table to add to the graffiti there.

Colour can be used.

You can also read graffiti, which will show you one bit of graffiti (seeing more will obviously take many reads). The graffiti here is more permanent than that on the graffiti walls, and saves over reboots.

Finally, you can scratch [out] <string> with <object>, presumably getting rid of that particular bit of graffiti.

Five Ways bell tower graffiti

Just inside the tower on Five Ways, the one on which the Moonlit market takes place outdoors, there is a broken stairway and a rope. If you climb up and balance successfully, you will reach a beam. On the beam and wall are graffiti carved by other players. If you're holding a knife-like weapon, you can carve "<message>" on wall with <knife>. Your name will automagically be signed on the beam after your message.

If you read graffiti you may see:

        -- <player>


The graffiti on the walls is scratched and muddled, making it impossible to make out a clear message.

Although the description of the graffiti says most of the older messages are covered by the new ones, it appears graffiti there does not go away. However, there can only be one piece of graffiti from a player at a time. If you had a message already and carved another one, the first one will be gone.

Skunk Club graffiti

There is a wall of graffiti in the privy of the Skunk Club. To add to it, you need a dagger-like object to scratch <string> into <graffiti>.

The messages will appear as a list:

The graffiti reads:
GnouN woz 'ere!
Anyone here?