Gloomy Forest

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Warning.png WARNING: The Gloomy Forest (outside the safe path) is a dangerous zone.

The Gloomy Forest is a dark and especially dangerous forest, located between the Sto Plains and the Ramtops.


Nearby to the east is Ohulan Cutash, while a longer way to the west are the Sto Plains.

To the northeast is the Hunter's camp and close to the east the Lancre Kingdom.


As the name implies, Gloomy Forest is very poorly lit, thus some form of light source is vital when exploring. Paths within gloomy forest tend to be short, frequently crossing, and winding. There are a couple of hidden exits leading to various linked areas.

There are several zones in the general Gloomy area, all of which presents different dangers.


There are several areas within Gloomy Forest:

You can enter Gloomy Forest by the east or west end of the safe road in central forest area.


There are two shops in the greater Gloomy Forest area:

Central forest

The main danger of the main forest are the giant spiders which move rapidly between room searching for prey (that's you). They attack, delayed pursue and attempt to inject their powerful constitution reducing poison to all players they run into. Their wanderings means that often while you are fighting one giant spider a few more might wander in and attack too.

  • Floaters and bug shield prevents the giant spiders from poisoning you.
  • They do not go on the safe path or follow onto it.

There is a safe path called "the trail" or "the path" through Gloomy Forest, free from giant spiders.

  • The verbose room description of rooms in the safe path will tell you the exits to stay on it.
  • If you leave the safe path, before seeing the room description you will see:
The path deteriorates to little more than an animal track here; you must have wandered off the main trail. 
Perhaps you should head back the way you came.
  • If you didn't mean to leave the safe path you should go backward (bw) fast. When entering the safe path you will see:
You push through the undergrowth until you make your way back to the main trail.

Everywhere in the forest are trees and weak druids.

  • The trees have pretty strong attacks but no special attacks and they do not start or join fights.
  • Forest druids wander and will attack you if you fight trees or other druids in the same room. They don't react to corpses.
    • Those druids are weaker than those in the druid circle and their deaths do not upset the druid circle druids.
    • The druids seem to never pursue.

Bandit camp

The bandit camp is the northwestern part of Gloomy and consist in a general store prior to the barricaded camp of bandits.

Generally, in this area bandits will attack on sight anyone who doesn't wear a Guild of Bandits' tabard or anyone attacking one of them. Since there's many of them at once this presents a danger to a would-be attacker.

Bandits are sometimes hidden on the path to their camp waiting to jump out of hiding and attack you in large numbers.

The bandit senty will summon many more bandits when spotting an intruder.

There are alternative ways into the camp, but these are trapped. The traps can cause damage, death or worse: getting stuck in a net.

Rumors have it that the bandit leader has taken an hostage. Surely attempting a rescue would make an interesting quest.

Bandit shop

A general shop at the start of the Bandit camp close to the central forest sells various miscellaneous items useful to adventurers and accept the loot you wish to sell.

It is guarded by a bodyguard.

By default, it sells:

Druid circle

The druid circle is the southernmost part of Gloomy where the druids have taken residence.

Attacking the druids in the druid circle will result in them inviting you as a guest of honour to one of their bonfire ceremonies. The bonfire is located to the northwest of the area. You will find that you burn well.

The druids in the circle do not care if you have fought their brethren in the central forest area.

If you do upset the druids in the circle, it is possible to appease them by providing a bribe to the clerk under the ring.

There is a quarry in the southeast of the druid circle area and a bonfire in the northwest.

Druid shop

The shop is in the hidden druid compound in the Druid circle area.

Location spoiler:

To find it, you need to "search stones" in the twelve rooms making up the exterior circle of standing stones.

Once in the druid compound the shop is south and west from the entry.

This shop sells various druidic items, but you need to become an honorary druid and be in good terms with them before they'll sell to you.

Example store inventory: (quantities may vary)

  • A: pickaxe for &&&&&&&&&&&&+600 Ls 4|2 (three left).
  • B: a red-hilted dagger for &&&&&&&&&&&&+198 Ls 1|4 1/2 (two left).
  • C: a crystal bladed dagger for &&&&&&&&&&&+9999 LC 5|9|5 1/4 (three left).
  • D: dagger for &&&&&&&&&&&&+198 Ls 1|4 1/2 (four left).
  • E: formal druidic vestment for &&&&&&&&&&+15198 LC 8|9|6 1/2 (two left).
  • F: black druidic vestment for &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 LC 1|1|10 1/2 (four left).
  • G: white druidic vestment for &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 LC 1|1|10 1/2 (three left).
  • H: silver sickle for &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 LC 1|1|10 1/2 (three left).
  • I: large sickle for &&&&&&&&&&&+3999 LC 2|3|9 1/4 (four left). (This is actually a double handed sickle)

Sanctum sanctorum

At the center of the monoliths there is an altar where sacrifices can be bound in wires.

At night, rituals are conducted there by the Archdruid.

The Archdruid is a tall, skinny man with a long, spectacular beard.  His teeth are yellow and twisted, and he has a look in his eyes normally associated with rabid terriers.  Something in the way he moves suggests that bonfires, blood and the screams of the dying are his favourite ways to spend an evening.
He is in good shape.
He is surrounded by crackling flames.
Holding : a rune-covered sickle (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a pair of soft leather shoes, a formal druidic robe and a black metal medallion.
(under) : a druidic belt, a mail hauberk, a mail shirt and a pair of red underpants.

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