Gloomy Forest

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The Gloomy Forest is a dark and dangerous forest, located inbetween the Sto Plains and the Ramtops.


Nearby to the east is Ohulan Cutash, while a longer way to the west is Skund Forest.


As the name implies, Gloomy Forest is very poorly lit, thus some form of light source is vital when exploring. Paths within gloomy forest tend to be short, frequently crossing, and winding. There are a couple of hidden exits relating to the bandit camp area.


There are three main areas in Gloomy Forest:

Denizens and Dangers

There is a safe path through Gloomy Forest. The MUD will warn you if you stray from this path.

The trees on the safe path can be attacked, but will not start an fight. Forest druids will attack you if they spot you fighting a tree. Otherwise, they are not aggressive.

Once off of the the path, one may find (and possibly be killed by) :

  • Very powerful giant spiders (see below) that attack on sight. They move from room to room, but will not step onto the safe path.
  • More trees and druids. They are not aggressive.
  • A dangerous bandit camp
    • Traps around the bandit camp can lead to damage or death.
    • Bandits will attack on sight anyone who doesn't look like a fellow bandit.
  • A druid circle
    • Attacking the druids in the druid circle will result in them inviting you as a guest of honour to one of their bonfire ceremonies. You will find that you burn well.
    • The druids in the circle do not care if you have fought their brethren in the central forest area.


The following shops can be found in Gloomy Forest:

  • A shop between the main forest and the bandit camp sells various miscellaneous items useful to adventurers. Notably, it sells lockpicks.
  • A shop inside the druid circle sells various druidic items.


The following NPCs live in Gloomy Forest:

  • Giant spiders lurk just off the safe path in the central forest, and are infamous for their powerful poison.
  • Trees of various types can be found in the central forest.
  • Druids are in the central forest and druid circle area.
  • Bandits can be found inside and guarding the bandit camp.