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Ginger is a fragant gnarly root, which is commonly used as a spice in cooking.

Green, brown and fuzzy, the chunk of ginger root gives off a pungent smell.  It would normally be used to flavour a dish, but you can use it however you wish.



Effects: There are no effects if one eats it. Each chunk requires two bites to eat.

Poisonous: It is not poisonous to eat.


  • One chunk of ginger will grind to one handful
  • One handful of ginger equals 50 pinches


Ginger can be gathered/found in the following locations:

Ginger can be bought in the following locations:

  • Ankh-Morpork
    • Apothecary on Pigsty Hill
  • Djelibeybi
    • Traveling spice stall - Market (pre-ground in packets)
  • Ephebe
    • Nibbles stall (Ulive) - Harbour Market