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Giant fruitbats are NPCs summoned by witches using the spell Mother Harblist's Fruity Flyer.

Fruitbats need to be fed regularly. They eat almost any type of fruit, which can be obtained from fruit shops, certain NPCs, Wurphle's Midnight Snack(the toffee apples), or gathered straight from the source. Apples are also available for free from the brown paper bag in the drawer of the washstand in Granny Weatherwax's bedroom.

It is possible to obtain clothing for fruitbats.


This is <name>, a fruitbat that <owner> has summoned to do her bidding. S/he looks cute, in a way that only a two foot tall fruitbat carrying a small basket with its feet could.


Fruitbats do not breathe underwater and can fail swimming.

  • They will follow you underwater, but might not manage to swim out, especially if it is carrying heavy things.
  • You can ask them to stay before doing underwater rescues.
  • If you do not notice that they failed to follow going up then they won't try going up again because you are no longer there for them to follow. You have to go back and try to get them to go up.
  • Fruitbats follow through twisting a blue crystal ring, so you can get them out of water that way.

Most npcs will not attack fruitbats, even those that automatically attack players. Unfortunately, some npcs do attack fruitbats:


  • name <fruitbat> <name>
  • ask <fruitbat> to {release|drop} <object>
  • ask <fruitbat> to remove <object>
  • ask <fruitbat> to not accept things from strangers
  • ask <fruitbat> to return <object>
  • ask <fruitbat> to accept things from strangers
  • ask <fruitbat> to stay
  • ask <fruitbat> to follow
  • ask <fruitbat> to give <object> to <living>
  • ask <fruitbat> to {take|carry|get} <object>
  • ask <fruitbat> to leave
  • ask <fruitbat> to go on a diet
  • ask <fruitbat> to wear <object>

For fun

  • eat <fruitbat>

If you get a bit peckish yourself.

  • squeeze <fruitbat>

To encourage guano production.

  • pick/groom <fruit> seed from <fruitbat> [fur]

To obtain seeds from the fruits you fed the fruitbat.

There might still be some seeds in the fur even if you don't see it in the fruitbat's description. Seeing the seed line seems random.

  • brush <fruitbat> with <brush>

To rapidly remove many seeds caught in the fruitbat's fur. The specific kind of seed is not described like when you brush, anyway they're gone forever so it doesn't matter much. Requires a brush.

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