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Genua map by Airk & Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar
Genua Sewers map by Dacrian updated for Quow's Cow Bar

The Diamond City Genua is located near Uberwald, along the Vieux River. Players are currently unable to walk directly into Genua, but it is accessible by both arcane methods and the Intercontinental Express and Vieux River Road carriages. The major language spoken in Genua is Morporkian, although with a Genuan accent, and a minor language now available appearing is Brindisian. People from Genua, its offshoot Bois, and the new option of Brindisi start in Genua. The currency used is the Genuan livre.

Features of Genua

  • A casino, where you can gamble at various games
  • The Genua job office, where you can earn a bit of money -- providing you have a little skill in carpentry
  • A vault and a bank, just east of the centre of the city
  • A library, where you can look up things about the city and the Coffee Nostra families, and where there is an entrance to l-space.
  • Tol Edo, a blacksmith from which you can order custom swords and daggers.
  • A tannery, where David Leatherman can make you some custom scabbards. He can also teach you the leatherwork command.
  • Jaqu Alufe's custom ring shop
  • The Kick Consortium in the Genua sewers where you can fight for money and consideration of the Corrola family.
  • A duelling room in the Musketeers' guild where you can challenge a npc duellist or other pk players if you are pk.
  • Little Brindisi, a street where people from brindisian origin recreate a little of that far away place.
  • A warehouse where you can buy weapons, but only if you are considered a criminal in Genua. [1] Otherwise they push you back downstairs.

Places for a few guilds:

Palude Ditta park near Honest Joe's Used horses with plants such as:

Crime and Punishment

Genua has several reputation systems.

You can get deep in trouble separately in each of them without necessarily changing the other ones.

Warning: the criminal reputation system appears to be severely imbalanced, if not broken, such that it can be practically impossible to erase a bad reputation once it's gained. Some quests in Bois can only be completed with a neutral (or better) reputation. If you think you might ever want to complete those quests, you should make sure to do them before committing any crimes in Genua.

Watch and city guards

You can get a criminal reputation in Genua by killing shopkeepers, killing or attacking guards, stealing, (attempted) breaking and entry, tomb raiding, and hiring courtesans[1]. Attacking soldiers also seems to increase your criminal reputation.

Consequences for this reputation can include:

  • Guards warning you to clean up your act or else they'll attack you.
  • Guards attacking you, after doing enough offences.
    • When your reputation is bad enough for guards to attack you, simply entering a room with a guard makes your reputation worse (one extra count of "attacking a loyal Genuan city guard" per guard present), irrespective of whether you actually attack the guards and even if you exit before the guards say anything.
  • Shopkeepers refusing to serve you, or reacting differently towards you.
  • Being unable to complete some quests.

There is, however, a positive side to being a criminal: you can buy things in the dingy weapons store upstairs in the warehouse at the intersection of Nawlins Road and Dead Man's Walk.

  • If you're too upstanding to shop there, a quick way to get a criminal reputation at little risk is to attempt a snatch from a guard or two, guards disguised as courtesans seem to count.
    • Note that while this won't by itself make guards attack you on sight (other than any you tried to snatch from), it will make most shopkeepers refuse to serve you until you do some community service or wait a while.

You can in theory work off a bad reputation off by going upstairs in the watch house (west edge of the city, one north off Genua Ave), asking for tasks to do (say "job") and completing a number of them. Tasks include:

  • Filling out forms (using the fill command).
    • With the use of a suitable alias, e.g. "alias fiq fill in question $2$ on form $1$ with $3*$", this can be completed in about five minutes. Though it is still very tedious.
  • Removing graffiti in the city (graffiti is only visible with verbose look)
    • Note that this task is typically a net negative, since entering a room with a guard, while you have a bad reputation, makes your reputation worse, more than negating the benefits of cleaning the graffiti.
      • It might be possible to avoid additional charges by sneaking, though be warned that the guards are high level NPCs with high perception.
    • Graffiti appears to randomly spawn very slowly throughout the city, so if you are given graffiti cleaning multiple times - or another player has recently done it also - it may be impossible to complete your community service promptly. You might need to come back another day.
    • On average you'll need to visit about 60 rooms to find 8 instances of graffiti. You do not need to do anything other than "clean graffiti", so you can just spam that command after every move, enqueuing a few dozen rooms at a time, to speed up the process.

Unfortunately, which of the two types of task you are assigned is random, and you must complete the assigned task before you can get another one.

The amount of bad reputation erased by community service seems to be exceedingly small - it may be practically impossible to get back to neutral. It is believed that your reputation automatically trends towards neutral over time, though this is a very slow process if true.

If your reputation is only very slightly bad, doing community service many times can potentially remove your criminal reputation completely, even going above neutral reputation for a while. Even then, this can take many hours of very tedious grinding, potentially over multiple days.

  • It is reported that after 10 tasks someone's reputation went from guards attacking on sight to tugging their forelock (best reputation).
  • In another case, 18 tasks appeared to make things much worse, due to unwitting passing of guards throughout the city while cleaning graffiti.

The charges levied against you - as reported by the guards when they move to attack you - are not visibly reduced by community service.

Note that most courtesans are city guards in disguise. They need to be considered specifically (consider living things does not check them) and when you do so they are much tougher than real courtesans. Also, all city guards including those disguised as courtesans respond to a consider with a soul that changes for each guard, while real courtesans do not soul you when you consider them.

Coffee Nostra

The Coffee Nostra families dispense their own, separate punishment to those who offend them (for example, by killing in their particular buildings). If they dislike you enough, they'll send hitmen after you.

Killing Genua npcs that seem unrelated to the Coffee Nostra can still change your reputation with them if the npcs have a secret affiliations to a family.

Little Brindisi

In Little Brindisia, if you perform too many actions that annoy the local populace (such as stealing laundry, sitting on benches that rightfully belong to the nonnas, or picking olives and grapes), the following will occur:

  • Wandering Brindisian NPCs will criticize you
  • The barista will refuse to serve you coffee (even if you are a "regular")
  • Messire Vincenzio will grind pepper on you (eliciting sneezes)
  • Venditore degli Avanzi will throw food at you (potato, tomato, wild garlic)
  • Mamma Filomena will warn you to not try anything
  • Benedetto dei Formaggi will reprimand you

On the upside, the NPC responses are all in Brindisian, which can help with spoken language TMs. After a short while, the locals will get over their annoyance. Being caught while performing naughty behaviors appears to increase the annoyance at a faster rate than being successfully sneaky.

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  1. as listed by Copious Bleu in the Watch House