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The Diamond City. Lassiez les temps bon rouller!

Features of Genua

  • A casino, where you can gamble at various games
  • A job shop, where you can earn a bit of money--providing you have a little skill in carpentry
  • A vault and a bank, just east of the centre of the city
  • A library, where you can look up things about the city and the Coffee Nostra families

Places for a few guilds:

Crime and Punishment

You can get a criminal reputation here by (as listed by Copious Bleu in the Watch House) killing shopkeepers, killing or attacking guards, stealing, and hiring courtesans. Consequences for this reputation can include guards attacking you (for serious offenses) and/or shopkeepers refusing to serve you (or reacting differently towards you); however, you can work this off somewhat by going upstairs in the watch house and asking for tasks to do. You can also simply wait, as your reputation seems to go down with time.

Note that some courtesans are city guards in disguise.

The Coffee Nostra families dispense their own, separate punishment to those who offend them (for example, by killing in their particular buildings). If they dislike you enough, they'll send hitmen after you.

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