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Custom prayer beads can be ordered from Gemma on the south part of the upstairs gallery in the Temple of Small Gods. It is believed that all sets of custom prayer beads are the same weight, regardless of materials, ornamentation, number of beads, or other customisations.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore.  They come pre-consecrated to the deity of the person who ordered them, and can cost anywhere from &&&&&&&&&&+20000 A$50 for a fairly plain set, to hundreds of dollars for a little more pizzazz, to tens of thousands of dollars for a ridiculously fancy set. They work the same way as the regular prayer beads—although they can be ordered with more or fewer beads, a potential bonus if you like to move the beads around.

Sales and Discounts

Gemma usually has some materials at discounted prices. She will sometimes mention these during the ordering process, but you can also say discount to prompt her to tell you what she has currently on sale.


   Gemma says: I can currently offer a discount on a gold base and on moonstone beads.
   Gemma says: I currently have too much gold wire, so I can make prayer beads cheaply with it.

Gemma seems to change her discounted materials (base and beads), at least once every 24 rw hours.

The discount seems to consistently be half off. You can combine the two discounts and get a set for 1/4 of what it normally would cost. For example, a set with a gold chain and diamond beads would normally cost A$500. If either the gold or the diamond are on sale, the set would cost A$250. If both are on sale, the set will only cost A$125.


You must be able to speak Morporkian well enough for Gemma to understand you. The ordering process is done with say buy or say order.

You can always ask to have the options repeated or tell her you want to stop if you wish to start over.

say Can you repeat the options please?
say I want to stop ordering

Your custom prayer beads will take time to create; you should be told how long it will take at the end of the ordering process. If you forget to make a note of this, you can always say collect for a reminder.

Gemma exclaims: It is not ready yet!
Gemma says: It should be ready in about one hour and twenty-nine minutes.

Base Materials

Gemma exclaims: You want to buy a personalised set of prayer beads?  Great!
Gemma beams at you.
Gemma says: I just have a few questions for you.  Say stop at any time if you change your mind.
Gemma asks: What type of base material would you like?
Gemma says: You can choose from the following: fishing line, black steel, platinum, electrum, leather, rawhide, bronze, copper, pewter, ribbon, silver, sinew, twine, steel, brass, wire, gold, cord and iron.

Bead Types

Gemma asks: What type of beads would you like?
Gemma says: You can choose from the following: black diamond, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, golden pearl, black steel, black pearl, rose quartz, alexandrite, chalcedony, aventurine, blue pearl, heliotrope, andalusite, bloodstone, sandalwood, cordierite, indicolite, tourmaline, serpentine, aquamarine, carnelian, rhodolite, morganite, moonstone, amazonite, turquoise, verdelite, ankhstone, tanzanite, malachite, sinhalite, lodestone, benitoite, chestnut, hematite, amethyst, sodalite, ironwood, achroite, rosewood, sunstone, ametrine, obsidian, titanite, mahogany, sapphire, hyaline, citrine, peridot, diamond, kunzite, dravite, hickory, emerald, jasper, silver, wooden, spinel, violan, garnet, pyrite, iolite, morion, halite, bronze, walnut, copper, coral, agate, steel, topaz, maple, beryl, ebony, balsa, amber, pearl, shell, ivory, glass, cedar, brass, ruby, bone, opal, teak, jade, onyx, pine, elm, jet and oak.


Gemma asks: What kind of decoration would you like your beads to have?
Gemma says: You can choose from the following: well-used, enamelled, sparkling, lacquered, darkened, polished, gleaming, engraved, chipped, inlaid, ground, smooth, gilded, carved, shiny, rough, aged, worn, none and old.


Gemma asks: What type of charm would you like?
Gemma says: You can choose from the following: strange creature with seven arms, chocolate covered coffee bean, tiny model of a human skull, withered piece of a saint, tiny list of commandments, miniature sailing ship, miniature prayer book, petrified coffee bean, tiny champagne bottle, tiny ship in a bottle, fluffy rabbit's foot, miniature red brick, tiny set of clothes, model of Sandelfon, miniature suitcase, tiny silver needle, tiny bottle of rum, tiny pewter shield, fluffy womble doll, dusty grey feather, tiny fold-out bed, miniature dolphin, crystal raindrop, model of Gufnork, miniature rabbit, miniature dagger, silver fishhook, golden fishhook, spool of thread, small corridor, model of Pishe, silver chalice, phial of water, black crystal, golden needle, model of Gapp, ball of fluff, votive candle, white crystal, whale's tooth, model of Fish, vulture head, grey crystal, scarlet hand, model of Hat, model of Sek, wisdom tooth, shark tooth, small cloud, yeti tooth, small fish, tiny quill, wolf tooth, rat heart, ribbon and none.

Number of Beads

Gemma asks: How many beads would you like to have on the chain?
Gemma says: You can choose from the following: one hundred and eight, one hundred and fifty, two hundred and fifty, three hundred, thirty-eight, thirty-seven, twenty-seven, thirty-three, seventy-five, twenty-eight, thirty-four, forty-seven, one hundred, forty-eight, thirty-five, forty-three, two hundred, twenty-five, thirty-nine, twenty-nine, thirty-six, forty-five, thirty-one, forty-four, fifty-four, twenty-six, thirty-two, forty-six, forty-two, forty-one, thirty, forty and fifty.

That is: 25 through 48, 50, 54, 75, 100, 108, 150, 200, 250 or 300.

Pricing Tables

N.B. There is a minimum cost of A$50 for a set of beads.

Base Material
Material Multiplier
fishing line 10
twine 10
cord 10
wire 10
leather 12
pewter 15
rawhide 15
sinew 15
iron 20
steel 20
ribbon 24
black steel 25
brass 30
copper 30
platinum 30
bronze 35
electrum 45
gold 50
silver 40
Bead Types
Beads Multiplier Colour
achroite 2 white
glass 2 any
wooden 2 wood
dravite 2.4 orange
morion 2.4 black
cedar 3 wood
pine 3 wood
shell 3.2 white
benitoite 3.6 blue
rock crystal 3.6 white
aquamarine 3.8 blue
alexandrite 4 multi
amazonite 4 green
balsa 4 wood
bronze 4 metal
chestnut 4 wood
maple 4 wood
oak 4 wood
sunstone 4 orange
tanzanite 4 blue to purple
coral 4.2 orange
rhodolite 4.4 red magenta
andalusite 4.6 multi
kunzite 4.6 pink
peridot 4.6 green
amber 5 yellow
hickory 5 wood
jet 5 black
sodalite 5 blue
bone 5.4 white
teak 5.4 wood
ebony 5.6 black
elm 5.6 wood
ironwood 5.6 wood
ivory 5.6 white
ametrine 6 purple and yellow
brass 6 metal
carnelian 6 orange
copper 6 metal
cordierite 6 blue to purple
halite 6 white
hematite 6 metal
lodestone 6 metal
sandalwood 6 wood
serpentine 6 green
titanite 6 green
tourmaline 6 pink to green (watermelon)
verdelite 6 green
aventurine 6.2 green
hyaline 6.2 multi
iolite 6.2 purple
spinel 6.2 mixed
indicolite 6.4 blue
ankhstone 6.6 white
jasper 6.8 red
amethyst 7 purple
heliotrope 7 green with red
malachite 7 green
pyrite 7 metal
walnut 7 wood
sinhalite 7.2 yellow
morganite 7.6 pink
turquoise 7.6 blue
chalcedony 8 blue green or pink
mahogany 8 wood
obsidian 8 black
pearl 8 white
rosewood 8 wood
steel 8 metal
topaz 8 mixed
violan 8 purple
lapis lazuli 8.2 blue
rose quartz 8.2 pink
emerald 8.6 green
jade 8.6 green
moonstone 8.6 white
onyx 8.6 black
opal 8.8 white
sapphire 9.2 blue
bloodstone 9.4 red
garnet 9.6 red
beryl 9.8 green
black pearl 10 black
black steel 10 black
blue pearl 10 blue
citrine 10 yellow
diamond 10 white
ruby 10 red
silver 10 metal
black diamond 12 black
golden pearl 12 yellow
agate 16 multi
Decoration Multiplier
(none) 1
rough 1
smooth 1
aged 1.2
chipped 1.2
gleaming 1.2
old 1.2
sparkling 1.2
polished 1.3
shiny 1.3
well-used 1.3
worn 1.3
ground 2.3
carved 2.5
engraved 2.5
inlaid 2.5
darkened 2.8
enamelled 3
lacquered 3
gilded 3.6
Charm Multiplier
(none) 1
ball of fluff 1.4
black crystal  ?
chocolate covered coffee bean  ?
crystal raindrop 1.2
dusty grey feather  ?
fluffy rabbit's foot 1.8
fluffy womble doll 1.6
golden fishhook  ?
golden needle  ?
grey crystal  ?
miniature dagger  ?
miniature dolphin 1.8
miniature prayer book 3
miniature rabbit 1.8
miniature red brick  ?
miniature sailing ship  ?
miniature suitcase  ?
model of Fish  ?
model of Gapp  ?
model of Gufnork 1.2
model of Hat  ?
model of Pishe 1.2
model of Sandelfon  ?
model of Sek  ?
petrified coffee bean  ?
phial of water 1.6
rat heart  ?
ribbon 1.2
scarlet hand  ?
shark tooth 2
silver chalice 2
silver fishhook  ?
small cloud 1.6
small corridor  ?
small fish  ?
spool of thread  ?
strange creature with seven arms 1.8
tiny bottle of rum  ?
tiny champagne bottle  ?
tiny fold-out bed  ?
tiny list of commandments 4
tiny model of a human skull  ?
tiny pewter shield 1.4
tiny quill 1.3
tiny set of clothes  ?
tiny ship in a bottle  ?
tiny silver needle  ?
votive candle 1.5
vulture head  ?
whale's tooth  ?
white crystal  ?
wisdom tooth 3
withered piece of a saint 3
wolf tooth 4
yeti tooth 5
Number of Beads
Number Multiplier
twenty-five 1
twenty-six 1
twenty-seven 1
twenty-eight 1
twenty-nine 1
thirty 1
thirty-one 1
thirty-two 1
thirty-three 1
thirty-four 1
thirty-five 1
thirty-six 1
thirty-seven 1
thirty-eight 1
thirty-nine 1
forty 1
forty-one 1
forty-two 1
forty-three 1
forty-four 1
forty-five 1
forty-six 1
forty-seven 1
forty-eight 1
fifty 1.5
fifty-four 1.5
seventy-five 1.5
one hundred 2
one hundred and eight 2
one hundred and fifty 2
two hundred 2.5
two hundred and fifty 3
three hundred 3.5