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Ingredients for [[tea]] are generally gathered.
Ingredients for [[tea]] are generally gathered.
[[Carrots|Carrot]] for the spell [[Kamikaze Oryctolagus Flammula]] can be gathered.
[[Category:Commands]][[Category:Innate commands]]
[[Category:Commands]][[Category:Innate commands]]

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In many places you can gather various plants. It's unknown whether there is a skillcheck for ordinary herbsresearch--most things can be gathered even with no skills.

This is what it looks like if you fail to gather something because it can't be gathered in that room:

Not able to gather the flower.

Or, if it doesn't even exist in that room:

Unable to find any of moss here.

This is what it looks like if you can gather what you were trying to gather, and you just didn't get any that time:

You cannot seem to find any of the flower and the buttercups.

In this case you should just try again.

Ingredients for tea are generally gathered. Carrot for the spell Kamikaze Oryctolagus Flammula can be gathered.