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Garlic is a common gatherable herb used in brewing. There are at least two kinds on the Disc. Eating garlic will give the eater garlic breath.


Within rooms it looks like:

This plant has fleshy green leaves and a pungent odour.

When gathered it appears as:

This is a bulb of garlic.
Clove Variant

This variant consists of multiple cloves that can be ripped from the bulb.

Within rooms it looks like:

This small, white bulb with a green top and a dried casing is used in the preperation of many different dishes and to ward off several types of the undead.

When gathered it appears as:

This is a large bulb of garlic, full of juicy cloves that you could just rip out.

After ripping the cloves, the garlic will separate into multiple cloves and a husk.

A [size] sized clove of garlic.
This is what is left of a bulb of garlic after all the cloves have been ripped or eaten from it.  All the cloves have been ripped from it, leaving behind an inedible husk.


  • Eating garlicky things give you garlic breath, which allows you to breathe on vampire to make one of them choke violently and run off in terror into the next room.
  • Garlic is used to brew the following:
To make cold cure.

Ground quantities

  • One wild garlic bulb gives 16 pinches of ground garlic.
  • A bulb of garlic usually has about 10 cloves of varying size.
    • A small clove gives 8 pinches of ground garlic
    • A medium clove gives 16 pinches of ground garlic
    • A large clove gives 24 pinches of ground garlic.


Garlic can be found in the following locations:

Garlic can be bought at the following locations:

  • Various vendors throughout the Disc.
  • Bes Pelargic
    • Clean little shop - St. of Rising Sun
    • Fruit and vegetable shop - Towerfalk St
  • Chronides Farmstead
    • Fruit and Vegetable shop
  • Djelibeybi
    • Garlic store - Garlic Street
    • Traveling vegetable stall - Market
  • Ephebe
    • Bakery stall (drowsy dread-locked girl) - Harbour Market
    • Vegetable stall #1 (colourful middle-aged woman) - Harbour Market
    • Vegetable stall #2 (red-bearded dwarf) - Harbour Market
    • Nibbles stall (Ulive) - Harbour Market
  • Genua
    • Grocery - Little Brindisi