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Garlic is a common gatherable herb used in brewing. There are at least two kinds on the Disc. Eating garlic will give the eater garlic breath.


Within rooms it looks like:

This plant has fleshy green leaves and a pungent odour.

When gathered it appears as:

This is a bulb of garlic.
Clove Variant

This variant consists of multiple cloves that can be ripped from the bulb.

Within rooms it looks like:

This small, white bulb with a green top and a dried casing is used in the preperation of many different dishes and to ward off several types of the undead.

When gathered it appears as:

This is a large bulb of garlic, full of juicy cloves that you could just rip out.

After ripping the cloves, the garlic will separate into multiple cloves and a husk.

A [size] sized clove of garlic.
This is what is left of a bulb of garlic after all the cloves have been ripped or eaten from it.  All the cloves have been ripped from it, leaving behind an inedible husk.


Garlic is used to brew the following:

To make cold cure.
  • One wild garlic bulb gives 16 pinches of ground garlic.
  • A bulb of garlic usually has about 10 cloves of varying size.
    • A small clove gives 8 pinches of ground garlic
    • A medium clove gives 16 pinches of ground garlic
    • A large clove gives 24 pinches of ground garlic.


Garlic can be found in the following locations:

Garlic can be bought at the following locations:

  • Various vendors throughout the Disc.
  • Bes Pelargic
    • Clean little shop - St. of Rising Sun
    • Fruit and vegetable shop - Towerfalk St
  • Chronides Farmstead
    • Fruit and Vegetable shop
  • Djelibeybi
    • Garlic store - Garlic Street
    • Traveling vegetable stall - Market
  • Ephebe
    • Bakery stall (drowsy dread-locked girl) - Harbour Market
    • Vegetable stall #1 (colourful middle-aged woman) - Harbour Market
    • Vegetable stall #2 (red-bearded dwarf) - Harbour Market
    • Nibbles stall (Ulive) - Harbour Market
  • Genua
    • Grocery - Little Brindisi