Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth

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Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Witches
Type Offensive
Description Vines hold a victim in place.
GP cost 70
Mind space 25
Thaums 5
Components Smelly seed (consumed)
Crystal None

Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth (more commonly known as vines) is an offensive witch spell which traps its target with animated vines.


This spell can be learnt at 100 levels of magic.spells.offensive. It is taught by Granny Weatherwax and Aunty Ogg-San.


Upon successful casting, the target is trapped in a bundle of animated, magical vines. The number of vines trapping them is proportional to the caster's magic.methods.mental.animating bonus, and can be seen by looking at the victim.

Whilst trapped by the vines, the victim is unable to leave the room.

The victim has various options for attempting to free themself from the vines:

  • They may simply wait, and all the vines will gradually die off. (Research needed on how long this takes) research
  • They may try to pull free (by attempting to leave the room). This entails a test of their strength against the remaining number of vines. Making this attempt consumes a certain amount of GP.research
  • They may attempt to cut the vines using a sharp weapon. This entails a test of their weapon skill; if successful a random number research of vines are cut away. If unsuccessful, then the vines may squirt blinding sap into the victim's eyes, blinding them for approximately 5 minutes. Unsuccessful attempts may also cause the weapon used to be wrested from the victims hands. If both players are PK, the vined character can be hit by the person cutting, drawing them both into combat. Axes seem to have a bonus of some sort in cutting vines away. Cutting the vines can TM the* skill for the weapon used.


This spell costs 70 GP to cast, and takes up 25 units of mind space. It may be cast on any single living target (including the caster, should she be so inclined). This spell is PK checked.


Focus tea results
80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell requires a smelly seed, which is consumed upon spell completion. It is (silently) left on the floor if the target leaves the room before the spell completes.

Casting messages

You prepare to cast Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth on <target>.
You clear your throat mightily and spit on the seed.
You quickly throw the seed at the feet of <target>.
A low rumble is evident shortly before the ground bursts open and shoots of animated vines wrap themselves around <target>, trapping him.
The seed stares stonily at you and disappears in a puff of compost smell.
To others
Myrina Womblesworth gets one smelly seed from her sturdy leather belt with pouches.
Myrina Womblesworth clears her throat mightily and spits on the seed.
Myrina Womblesworth throws a small seed at the feet of a mean mercenary.
A low rumble is evident shortly before the ground bursts open and shoots of
animated vines wrap themselves around the mean mercenary, trapping her.


  • This spell may be cast on oneself; this can be useful if one is inebriated and in a location with hazardous exits (such as Brass Neck).
  • Some witches pair this spell up with bees, which results in the following:
    • The target doesn't run away.
    • It takes a lot more GP and time to kill a particular target (thus making this not a particularly good tactic for many NPCs)
    • The wimpy effect from bees forces the victim to continually attempt to break free from the vines, rapidly draining their GP in the process (making this rather a good PK combination).
  • Floating targets are immune to this spell.

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