Frygellhan's Fiendish Orbit Disruptor

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Frygellhan's Fiendish Orbit Disruptor
Spell information
Nickname ffod
Guild Wizards
Type Offensive
Description Knocks down protective floaters.
GP cost 25
Mind space 15
Thaums 3
Components iron chain
Tome Introeductyon too thee Strukture of thee Multyverss

Frygellhan's Fiendish Orbit Disruptor (abbreviated as FFOD) is an offensive wizard spell which knocks down floaters, of the Endorphin's Floating Friend and Grammer Scorbic's Household Guard varieties.


This spell costs 25 GP to cast, and takes up 15 units of mind space. It may be cast on yourself or another. This spell is pk-checked.


Spellcheck results
50 80 110 140 170 200 230 260 290 320 350

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell uses an iron chain.

Casting messages

You start twirling the chain around you. 
You carefully aim the chain at a point where it might intersect an object in orbit around you. 
You send the chain into a counterwise orbit around you. 
The chain scores a direct hit! 
A Tsortean metal shield clatters to the ground.
Oh well, that didn't work.
To others
Master Zaz Zahir starts twirling a chain around himself.
Master Zaz Zahir stares fixedly at the air around his head.
Master Zaz Zahir throws the twirling chain at himself.

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