Fruitbat Fabrics Pty Ltd

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Fruitbat Fabrics Pty Ltd is a shop in the beginning of the Snail in Bes Pelargic where an old lady sells fruitbat clothes made from fruitbat.

A small sign

|  Have you ever wondered the best way to dispose of |
|              those pesky fruitbats?                |
|    Here at Fruitbat Fabrics Pty Ltd, we convert    |
|  the empty husks and rinds of old fruitbats into   |
|     new and exciting clothes that are perfect      |
|                for your children!                  |
|     If you have a stuffed fruitbat toy, you        |
|           could also dress it up in these          |
|                  adorable clothes.                 |
|            Every piece is made to fit!             |


The old lady says in Agatean with a Bes Pelargic accent: As a friend of the McSweeney family, I am honoured to offer discounts on your stock.
The following items are for sale:
  A: an ornate fruitbat brush for 5Rh 30s (four left).
  B: a pink furry wing cosy for 22Rh 60s (three left).
  C: a blue furry wing cosy for 22Rh 60s (three left).
  D: a leather waistcoat for 13Rh 60s (four left).
  E: a leather skirt for 15Rh 37s (five left).
  F: a pair of furry leggings for 15Rh (five left).
  G: a pair of fur-lined leather boots for 19Rh 15s (five left).
  H: a flowery bonnet for 11Rh 75s (four left).

These clothes fit giant fruitbats.