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Adding someone as a friend will put them on a list visible to you, allow you to be informed when they log on or off, and optionally give them special priviledges depending on your settings.

Friending is invisible; someone cannot directly tell whether you have them as a friend.


Adding a person or club as a friend with no tag will give them a default tag of "needs no introduction". Their tag shows up in informs and in the verbose version of your friend list.

  • friends: Lists all your friends and their tags, each on a separate line.
  • friends list <string>: Lists friends whose tags contain the specified string.
  • friends online: Lists all of your friends who are online at the moment, verbosely.
  • friends brief: Lists all your friends, separated by commas and without tags.
  • friends add <friend> <tag>: Adds a player to your list, with a custom tagl
  • friends add <friend>: Adds a player to your list.
  • friends remove <friend>: Removes a player from your list.
  • friends add club <club>: Adds a club to your list--this effectively adds everyone in the club to your friends list, much tidier than adding everyone individually.
  • friends add club <club> <tag>: The same as the above, but with a custom tag.
  • friends remove club <friend>: Removes a club from your list.
  • friends club <friend>: Shows whether that club is your on your list, and if so, what tag you've given it.
  • friends cleanup: Removes characters who no longer exist from your list.
  • friends clear: Deletes your entire list.
  • friends <friend>: Shows whether that person is your friend, and if so, what tag you've given them.

"Friends" can be replaced with "friend" in any of the above.


"Inform friend" will make it so that you get a notice whenever someone on your list of friends logs on or off.


You can set your earmuffs to allow your friends through with "earmuffs allowfriends". So, if you have multiple-tells earmuffed, and your earmuffs set to allowfriends, your friends will be able to send you multiple-tells, but nobody else will be able to.


You can set each autoaccept option to automatically accept certain things from your friends:

  • auto death: automatically let them perform Raise Dead and/or Resurrect on you
  • auto follow: automatically accept follow requests
  • auto give: automatically let them give things to you
  • auto show: automatically accept requests to show you things
  • auto teach: automatically let them learn things from you

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