Forest Maze

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Warning.png WARNING: The Forest Maze is a dangerous zone.

The Forest Maze (name might not be final) is a dangerous zone in Slippery Hollow.


The forest can be easily entered by going east of the common past the towers, past the bridge, past the cottage and finally past the last warning sign into a room too dark to see at any time of the day.

You can leave the first room by going back west if you do it before dying.


Preliminary investigation suggests:

  • You cannot cast magic. (Your heart is struck by a freezing sensation, you feel the magic being sucked from your body, and you are distracted from whatever you were doing. Something tells you it would be foolish to try that again.)
  • It is not outside, so you cannot fly out.
  • Fruitbats and perhaps pets do not enter the forest.
  • You cannot see inside the forest with any normal light sources. You need something that is part of a quest in order to see and chase away the grues.
  • You feel the forest draining your vitality. / You feel lethargic. (No hp regen?)
  • Without light you cannot bury anything.
  • Without light the grues eat you slowly at first then faster.


There's beasties that auto-attack you like:

  • Dead looking animals
  • Bandersnatch: cat-like with a glow in her eyes that might allow you to see her name from time to time on some attacks.
  • Reaping willow: a tree harder than oaks with block defense.
  • Jabberwock: bad ass flying monster that drags you up into the sky and throws you back down into a crater shaped like yourself.

Gallery of beasties

You might be a bit busy fighting for your life while in the forest. Therefore the appearance of the beasties have been reproduced here for your viewing horror.

A giant frog (hiding)

This is a terrifyingly giant frog.
A deranged charcoal mouse
A corrupted black mouse

This mouse has been twisted and tormented by the evil in the forest.  It has a snarl on its face and is coated in thick black goo.
A deranged obsidian rat

This rat isnt happy about being covered in thick black goo, although all its energy to fight the evil in the forest has left it drained.
A riddled grey briar-rabbit

This rabbit has obviously been trapped in the forest for so long given that the vines and thorns it is wrapped in look like they have slowly been growing around and jagging into the poor creature.  It has a look of pain and anger.
A sick charcoal owl

Dripping with glutinous slime, this owl appears to be having a bad day.  In fact, it looks like it has been having a bad life so far, coated in some unknown residue and fighting for survival against the other beasts of this forest.
A poorly onyx raven

This raven is in a very sorry state, with a tangle of thorns and brambles interwoven into its feathers.  Patches of its body are devoid of plumage, replaced by clumps of some green and slimy substance.
A riddled obsidian fox
A sick charcoal badger

As badgers go this one doesn't quite look right, its eyelids twitch as it looks at you and its fur has been covered in black diseased oil.
A rotting hand

If this hand had flesh on it that wasn't rotting away it might actually look good.
A reaping willow

The reaping willow is a rather unusual tree.  With flexible sinuous branches and rather sharp edged leaves, it has been likened to a collection of very sharp axes.  You certainly wouldn't want to shelter from the wind and rain under this tree.
It is rooted to the ground here.
The Bandersnatch

Covered in a shaggy mane of stone-white fur interspersed with tawny brown spots, the Bandersnatch towers over her surroundings with a powerful, barrel-shaped body.  Her broad, padded paws wield wickedly sharp claws as long as your arm, while several rows of slime-coated teeth are visible in her wide, flattened face.  Her small, jaundiced eyes betray a keen intelligence, while her long furry tail sways languidly to and fro.
The Jabberwock

Known to the local villagers as the horror in the woods or the insatiable demon lurking in the dark - this is the infamously hideous creature from which nightmares are born.  His long serpentine body stretches from tail to a fish-like head and gaping maw, exhaling acrid, sulphurous fumes.  Vast, torn and battle-scarred wings protrude from scaled arms, while glistening blue-black scales ripple and shimmer with each reptilian movement. Oily black tentacles wriggle and writhe angrily from the back of his armoured skull in anticipation of his next fleshy meal.


  • Grues (shapes in the darkness) that pursues you and remove bits of health from you every couple of rounds unblocked by shields and without fighting you.
  • Each time you visit a new room a new grue seems to pursue you.
  • The more time you spend in the darkness, the harder they bite, causing more and more damage at once.
  • Leaving the maze and returning does not reset the grues. It probably happens after some time.
hp loss Grue messages
31 - 47 With a hiss, something small scratches you!
31 - 37 Ouch! Something scratched you!
44 - 48 Something in the darkness flicks out a claw and pricks your skin!
158 Something in the darkness nibbles you with curiosity!
311 - 358 Something starts to form in the gloom and swipes at you!
274 A shape, somehow blacker than the surrounding darkness, lashes out at you!
291 The shapes in the darkness are getting larger! Ow! They are biting harder too!
306 - 493 The grues are growing in size and becoming braver. Two of them now attack you at once!
372 Almost at full size now, a large grue savages your leg!
405 - 491 Agony courses through you as a nearly full-grown grue clamps its jaws around your head.

Based on 2287 hp, damage could be percentage based and not absolute values.

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