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A follower is someone who worships a god, but is not a member of the priests' guild. If you're not a priest, being a follower is the only way to gain access to rituals without the use of a rod.


As a follower, you can directly learn two rituals, if you're a high enough level in the skill needed. Each god grants two rituals to followers—these are fixed, so you can't choose them. Note that if you die, you lose the rituals and will have to learn them again.

Followers can also use rituals from faith rods, giving them more limited access to all rituals.

Followers get automatic access to the pray and meditate commands.


  • Pishe does not accept followers, only priests. All other deities do accept followers.
  • Wizards and witches cannot become followers.
  • A follower can only follow one god at a time.
  • A follower can only perform rituals while in alignment (meaning that your god is "very happy with", "pleased with", or at worst "a little concerned about" you). The follower can check this with score align or score alignment, which indicates how happy (or not) your god is with you.

Becoming a follower

To become a follower, you must pray at one of your chosen deity's high altars. More information on where to find high altars can be found at each God's page.

Note that praying only works if you have never become the follower of a God before. If you are already worshipping another deity, you must follow the supplication process below.


A follower of one deity may choose to instead follow another one. The supplication process is as follows:

  1. The player must first go to the high altar of their current deity and "renounce faith".
  2. The player then must visit the high altar of their new deity and "supplicate <god>".
  3. Over the course of at least 30 roundworld days, there are three things that can be done at the god's high altar to prove your sincerity:
    1. The player may pray to the new god.
    2. A member of the new god's flock may "pray for <player>" on your behalf. It is unclear if only priests can pray on another's behalf, or if current followers are also considered as flock members.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 
    3. The player may offer monetary donations to the deity with the command "pay respects to <god> with <money>".

There are a number of caveats:

Discworld concept help: Supplication

List of worshipper rituals

Learning follower rituals

Rituals can be learnt from instructors in the vestry of any of your deity's temples. All rituals have skill requirements to learn; refer to each ritual's page for details.

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