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This is a list of npcs that witches can fly to on their broomstick and where flying to them usually takes you.


Long name Short name Location
Althea of Pishe althea
Arnold Sideways arnold Elm Street
Aroh aroh Thieves' Guild
Blind Hugh hugh Western docks
Bob bob Usually Bob on the Street of Cunning Artificers, sometimes Old Bob in the Flintwick Building
Captain Carrot carrot
Coffin Henry henry Elm Street
a confused solicitor solicitor alley off Gleam Street
Corporal Nobbs nobby
Cripple Wa wa Stricken Place
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler dibbler Plaza of Broken Moons, The Cham and Sator Square
Daphne the Leshpian Thespian daphne Isle of Small Gods
Dogbottler dogbottler Intersection of Short St. and St. of Small Gods
Florette the bunny rabbit florette Temple of Small Gods garden
Foul Ole Ron ron Elm Street
Francis with his ukulele of pain francis
Gerry Watkins watkins Dimwell Street
Halen halen near the Temple of Sandelfon in south-east Ankh-Morpork
Iris iris Thieves' Guild
Haia haia Thieves' Guild
Lance-Constable Bauxite bauxite
Louis Bingham louis
Maude Scowd scowd around God's Collar
Maximilliam Dimlith maximilliam Green Lumpy Bit
Mr Bradlofrudd bradlofrudd courtyard of the Assassins' Guild
Mr Glodson glodson
Mr Lamister lamister courtyard of the Assassins' Guild
Mr Mericet mericet courtyard of the Assassins' Guild
Mr Pin pin
Mr Tulip tulip
Neelie Awkside Neelie Fillgree street, pleasant parade and street of alchemists
Old Wilfred wilfred
Prodo Laggins laggins
Roffle roffle
Ronnie Soak, fifth Horseman of the Apocralypse ronnie
Sacharissa Cripslock sacharissa
Sergeant Angua angua
Sergeant Colon colon
Skimp skimp
Sneed Finkman sneed outside the Post Office (usually)
a splatter splatter outside All Bar None in Pseudopolis Yard (nighttime only)
a travelling potter potter
Vy of Fish Vy Around Cockbill Street and the docks
Wallspur wallspur
Wee Mad Arthur arthur usually around Gleam Street

The Counterweight Continent

Bes Pelargic

Long name Short name Location
Boy Willie willie
Disembowel-Meself-Honourable-Dibhala dibhala usually on Market Street
Goldenleaf goldenleaf Golden District merchants' marketplace
Hugo Tang tang Tang Estate
Kang Wu kang black market
Lon Fah Lo lo
Mad Hamish hamish
Miss Information information
a mosquito watcher watcher Riverview Walk
Nameless man nameless
Old Vincent vincent
Quisoda quisoda Bridge Street
Serene Roses roses usually the Imperial district
Shi Do Gai gai
Tri Len Jewel jewel Imperial District
Truckle the Uncivil truckle
Won Favourite Pearl pearl small park off Hook Street (near the money changer)
Wun Artful Huckster huckster Tuna Walk
Wun Gold Star star Golden District merchants' marketplace
Honourable Roger-san roger-san Blue Moon Park



Long name Short name Location
Daft Bugger bugger Market Street
Gut Fishfryn fishfryn Ptrip-Ptrap bridge
Lap-lip lap-lip
Lip-phon Lap-top lap-top
Mihk-gran-bohp bohp
Pkara Stainmaster pkara
Sandy Ptate ptate
Sle-pingh-beuh-tei sle-pingh-beuh-tei Sleepers
Tag-ahn-ruhn tag Garlic Street Junction
Teh-takk-eht teh Usually Temple Street
Yclept yclept Pharoah's Park on the Avenue of the Pharoahs

The Chronides' Farmstead

Long name Short name Location
Adeipho Chronides adeipho
Gus Chronides gus

The Oasis

Long name Short name Location
Mr CMOHO Dhblah dhblah



Long name Short name Location
Casanunda casanunda Wanders around Genua
Greig Schwitz schwitz Wanders around Genua
Johnny the shoeshine boy johnny Wanders around Genua
Jeef Lirwyn jeef Samedi Crescent
Noobie noobie Wanders around Genua
Tfat Chick chick Wanders around Genua


Long name Short name Location
Bruk Lenhard lenhard on the pier

The Ramtops

Bad Ass

Long name Short name Location
Cern Smith cern
Gulta Smith gulta
Jaims Smith jaims

Brass Neck

Warning.png WARNING: Keep an eye out in Brass Neck. If you misstep you might fall off a cliff.
Long name Short name Location
Annie Spindlewits annie At her cottage west of the town proper. Sometimes inside.

Creel Springs

Long name Short name Location
Dia Shale dia

Granny Weatherwax's cottage

Long name Short name Location
Greebo greebo
Pewsey pewsey
Nanny Ogg gytha

Lancre Town

Long name Short name Location
Burberry Carpetsmith burberry
Unlucky Charlie charlie Some fields east of Lancre Square

Lancre Forest

Long name Short name Location
The Blasted Oak oak

Mad Stoat

Long name Short name Location
Agnes agnes Agnes' cottage. Agnes is sometimes inside.
Maggie maggie


Long name Short name Location
a cow bessie
Raffy the Rook raffy


Long name Short name Location
Barney Woodchops barney


Warning.png WARNING: It's possible to fall off cliffs in Slice too.
Long name Short name Location
Goodwife Muckloe muckloe

The temple of the Monks of Cool

Long name Short name Location
Brother Boad boad entrance
Sister Bi-Bi Effenne bibi upstairs balcony
Sister Ti-Ti Effenne titi upstairs balcony

The Sto Plains

Bleak Prospect

Warning.png WARNING: Beware of autoattacking zombies from late afternoon to early morning.
Long name Short name Location
Old Grandma Higginbottom grandma moving around
Grover Pennywit grover moving around

Holy Wood

Long name Short name Location
Detritus detritus Studio entrance (if spawned; otherwise the unflyable Detritus in the Drum)
Gaspode gaspode The main gate of Holy Wood
Laddie laddie The main gate of Holy Wood


Long name Short name Location
Calvert Desric calvert
Carlton Desric carlton
Hughoc Gatewood hughoc


Long name Short name Location
A village idiot idiot
Hamesh hamesh
Lezek lezek

Sto Lat

Long name Short name Location
Jack Straw jack
Prudence prudence Just west of Princess Park
Mum Blithesome blithesome



Warning.png WARNING: Nasty vampires take over Escrow at night, making this a dangerous holiday destination for wet hens.
Long name Short name Location
Tuffy the Vampire Slayer tuffy
Mouldium Carpetsmith mouldium

Unnamed Town

Long name Short name Location
Abe abe The graveyard
Arno arno
Jasen jasen

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