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Fluffy Student is a custom wizard robe tailor who operates in the room west of the clothing store in the second level of the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble.

All orders need to be placed in Agatean or Morporkian, and responses come back in Agatean.

To place an order, first you must pick a colour and material. Buttons and raised reliefs are optional extras.


The following colours are available:

Wow-wow sauce brown, battlefield crimson, iridescent white, storm-cloud grey, mandarin orange, midnight black, metaphor black, speedwell blue, rose-coloured, charcoal grey, bright yellow, canary yellow, sunset orange, emerald green, raindrop grey, sapphire blue, golden orange, golden yellow, bright green, mustard gold, pickle green, burnt orange, coffee brown, silvery blue, sunny yellow, shiny yellow, golden brown, pearly white, forest green, silvery grey, creamy peach, ultramarine, raven black, pale yellow, dark silver, fleshy pink, bright pink, light brown, cobalt blue, ketchup red, pewter grey, dark green, snow white, dark brown, mint green, lurid pink, sage green, leaf green, pale green, royal blue, storm grey, smoky grey, aquamarine, dusty rose, bright red, steel grey, ocean blue, light grey, jet black, light tan, blood red, icy white, turquoise, sin black, vermilion, pale blue, tea brown, pale pink, rose gold, navy blue, tangerine, dark grey, mud brown, sea green, dusty red, dark blue, lavender, burgundy, rose red, ruby red, cerulean, dark red, wine red, ice blue, scarlet, crimson, peridot, magenta, russet, silver, bronze, purple, violet, orange, yellow, maroon, indigo, beige, ivory, lilac, umber, ebony, white, cream, azure, black, green, topaz, ochre, brown, plum, cyan, pink, rose, navy, grey, gold, jade, blue, pink and red.


The following materials are available:

Heavy satin damask, light cotton, heavy cotton, silk damask, light linen, lamb's wool, coarse wool, silk crepe, silk lame, fine wool, velvet, cotton, linen, satin, silk and wool.

Materials do not seem to have a bearing on weight - linen and silk hats both weighed 7/9 lbs.


The following buttons are available:

Snowbell wood, lapis lazuli, katsura pine, cherry wood, black pearl, rose quartz, aquamarine, tourmaline, chalcedony, konara oak, heliotrope, bloodstone, malachite, moonstone, rose jade, carnelian, turquoise, tanzanite, nephrite, sapphire, sunstone, ametrine, amethyst, dravite, peridot, diamond, emerald, citrine, garnet, silver, copper, jasper, iolite, steel, agate, amber, brass, beryl, pearl, topaz, maple, opal, ruby, onyx and none.


These raised reliefs can be placed onto the back of the robe:

Pair of crossed wands, black cherry blossom, indigo-coloured iris, splendid peacock, sacred mountain, writhing dragon, orange blossom, cherry blossom, apple blossom, chrysanthemum, soaring eagle, dancing flame, golden dragon, snowbell tree, white blossom, breaking wave, plum blossom, sun in glory, proud falcon, autumn leaf, misty cloud, red blossom, storm cloud, blue flower, solemn owl, maple tree, rising sun, marsh reed, marsh rush, red tulip, chameleon, butterfly, firebird, goldfish, elephant, lion dog, bluebell, wise fox, duckling, phoenix, pelican, falcon, monkey, dragon, raven, tiger, crane, snake, demon, hawk, star, wolf, none, rose and imp.


The robe will look something like this:

The fluffy student whispers to you: This hand tailored blue robe is fastened with elegant opal buttons.  On the back is an embossed star, encircled in tiny opal studs.  The silk drapes to the floor in clean fluid lines and sweeps the ground gently with its subtle eloquence. This is a robe unlike any other, fit for a great and masterful wizard indeed.
The blue wizard's robe has two inside pockets.
It is in excellent condition.